Sunday, 14 July 2013

Placing Stone in Stone Place

With the beautification of Windsor Road now mostly complete, the people charged with spending Boris’s money improving Worcester Park will apparently next be turning their attention to Stone Place and the Waitrose car park entrance.

We should look forward to better pedestrian access and development in the style we are now becoming accustomed to in and around Central Road.

The blog understands that this is going to remain an entrance to Stone Place and Waitrose; however it shall cease to be an exit. The plan is for this to become a one way thoroughfare, putting an end to the stream of cars trying to turn into Central Road opposite Longfellow Road and holding up traffic at that point. Instead, cars will need to leave via Windsor Road where they can more easily turn into Central Road because there is space for two cars side by side there so one turning right won't hold up cars turning left.

The entrance via Yoga Way (off Windsor Road) is not however going to become one way so cars are still free to enter and exit this way.

Work is scheduled to begin tomorrow (Monday) morning so if you are planning to nip to Waitrose over the next week or so, you might want to plan to use Yoga Way off the newly refurbished Windsor Road.

Update (16th July)

The state of play as of last night (Monday evening)...

Update (17th July)

For Graham, Barry and Tony, thanks to your comments on Facebook, I am adding the below 'photographic evidence' of 'beautifican' requested. I would say that on balance it does look better than it did before. I do however reserve the right to place my tongue in my cheek from time to time...