Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Night Bus To Croydon Update

Blog readers may recall that Steve O'Connell, our London Assembly member was looking into whether the 213 bus could once again become a night bus all the way through to Croydon.

The Blog can reveal that, having received feedback from many quarters, Mr O'Connell sent a letter last month to Sir Peter Hendy, the Commissioner for Transport asking that the N213 bus be reinstated, saying that as this was the only public transport route at night between Sutton & Croydon from Kingston, a gap in public transport at night had opened up in the area.

He argued that the feedback he has received attests to the fact that the N213 was in fact a busy bus route, offering young people a cheap, safe and quick method to get home from a night out in Croydon, Sutton or Kingston and furthermore, it clearly offered a safer means of travel for women than using an illegal mini-cab service, a taxi now being the only way to commute between these three locations at night.

Mr O'Connell also made the point that bus passengers have found the old N213 service a cost effective means of getting from Worcester Park to East Croydon station and thence on to Gatwick, in order to catch early morning flights as the cost of an Oyster card payment weighs favourably against a £35.00 taxi fare.

In the reply that Mr O'Connell received back from Leon Daniels, the Managing Director of Surface Transport for the Mayor, Mr Daniels stated that the average overnight usage of route N213 between Sutton and Croydon was approximately 60 trips per night on weekdays and 120 at the weekends which approximates to 30,000 journeys per year. By contrast, the Kingston to Sutton section was carrying around 60,000 passengers per year.

He said that if the 213 night service to Croydon was re-extended, this would require an annual subsidy of £140,000 of public funds, representing a subsidy of over £3.50 per additional passenger trip and unfortunately this cost could not be justified.

Mr Daniels did however say that they are mindful of the calls for more night-time services and are looking into whether a less-costly option is available. One possible option they are considering is to run some later journeys on the 154 route, as this also links Croydon and Sutton, and currently has its last departure from Croydon scheduled for half-past midnight.

In Conclusion

So it would appear unlikely that we will get a night bus all the way through to Croydon from Worcester Park but we may be able in the future to change at Sutton for a similar service.

What are people's thoughts on this?

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Charlie_Mansell said...

There is currently a 3.20 hour gap between the last 407 bus http://www.londonbusroutes.net/times/407.htm heading off from Croydon to Sutton and the first 154 http://www.londonbusroutes.net/times/407.htm It would be good if the 407 or more likely the 154 were extended to reduce or possibly eliminate that gap. Perhaps Steve O'Connell can get the costs of making the 154 a 24 hour service with just 7 extra buses required for a basic half hourly service from Croydon to Sutton

Dave said...

It's Sir Peter Hendy.
I'm not at all keen on honours, particularly for entertainers and sportsmen (despite being an admirer of Wiggo), but Hendy's knighthood is well deserved.

guest said...


Mr Peter Hendy CBE is the same thing as Sir Peter Hendy, Commander of the British Empire means they are entitled to be called Sir (first name)

Or are you in ultra pedant mode :-)

Worcester Park Blogger said...

I have made the change. I was using the title on the letter that was sent to him, however further investigation does show that 'Sir Peter Hendy' is appropriate!

Dave said...

Show's how much I know (or want to know) about honours.
I was going to point out that Steve O'Connell, is only "our" London Assembly member for those living in LBS (& LBC) - but I decided not to :-)

A said...

Mr Peter Hendy CBE is not the same; a Commander of the British Empire is not the same as a Knight Commander (KBE) which does attract the title 'Sir'. CBE does not.

Now who's the pedant!! ;o)

guest said...

I bow to your superior pedantry :-) you are quite right I got confused with GBE and CBE

Outer London Fund Triumph? said...

A night bus from Croydon to Worcester Park sounds very much like a £140,000 subsidy
for binge drinkers who were unable to stop themselves drinking the cab fare home (and most likely, promptly vomited it).

It certainly sounds like the kind of unworthy expense that Sutton's Outer London Fund has been recklessly spending on. But wouldn't a night bus be less of a problem? Vomit on the pavement is certainly less of an inconvenience than bringing Central Road to a complete standstill - and placing stones across the road that fall to pieces after 10 days.

And on the plus side, thanks to the Outer London Fund, if any binge drinkers care to vomit on Victoria House, nobody will be able to tell the difference any more!

Dan said...

they probley better off just running the 154 1 hour earlier as then the first bus would be at 3.24 which most night clubs kick out in Croydon at 3 so it would make sense. They also taking figures from 4 years ago when the N213 was cut so how can they estimate journeys for the future without actually running the route and trialing it.

Dan said...

It might be more cost effective to have the 154 only run between sutton and croydon at night or maybe it can be used to connect with N155 services at morden aswell.

alysdare said...

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