Saturday, 6 July 2013

Market Report

For the second time this year, a local produce and craft market has been adorning both sides of Central Road today, offering their crafts and local wares to both market enthusiasts and unsuspecting passers-by.  There seemed to be a few less stalls this time than last time and even though it has been warm and sunny. Reports filtering back to the blog suggest there have been fewer customers around than last time.

It has been suggested that many people might have stayed at home to watch the Lions’ rugby victory, Marion Bartoli’s tennis victory or just to enjoy their gardens in preference to going out buying stuff.

However the people I saw around seemed to be enjoying and making use of the various stalls. How was it for you?

The next one is on Saturday 5th October. Perhaps this one will be a bit busier.

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Alex said...

Scheduling any daytime fair to clash with not one, but two major international sporting events was a clear failing. [Especially when one of the two was taking place just 5 miles away, and happens on exactly the same Saturday, at exactly the same time of day, every year!]

No doubt Sutton Council would say there was absolutely no oversight. That all risks, including clashes with sporting events were cleverly assessed by council experts. Any stall or customer reductions are entirely down to the unexpectedly fine summer weather, which absolutely nobody could have predicted would happen in the summer.

italiastar said...

Personally, i didn't go because the first outing was disappointing. Stalls were stil setting up at 9:30, range of produce was poor and overpriced. There were "local" sausages fro. Essex, tut stalls, and someone trying to make a quick buck selling crepes for about £3. The sourdough bread was the worse I've bought. To be successful, we need a regular monthly market selling good local produce at fair prices. All day is too lo g for the traders - how about 9:00 - 1:00 a d locate it in the Stone place car Park in the area behind Iceland.

Sp1cacg1 said...

My son & his wife have just moved into the area, I Was on my first visit from Manchester I found the high street a great place with lots of great shops and friendly people. The market gave it an lovely feel, maybe more stalls needed with local produce. Looking forward to my next visit, hopefully when the market is back.

Spud said...

I thought it was very disappointing, there were so few stalls - it was really hardly worth it. You need central road to be full of stalls all the way up to Sainsbury's to entice and encourage people to venture along. Also I agree with others who say the market needs many more local stalls selling produce. If that were the case then many more people would go and support it.

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