Thursday, 11 July 2013

Going Through A Rough Patch

A Blog reader emailed to ask about the road repairs along Malden Road near the Plough. He writes:
“Any idea what the situation is in regard to the 'repairs' to the carriageway by the Plough? At first I thought the work carried out must be temporary, but it appears the contractors have cleared off, leaving a not exactly snooker-table-smooth finish to the road!”
The rough patch left behind
I believe this is one of the sections that needed to be fixed prior to the resurfacing of the entire (or at least a very long) stretch of Malden Road. So I am guessing this is just a temporary measure as it will probably be scraped off and hopefully redone with the snooker-tabled-smooth finish we should be expecting.

The work being done

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@SoapboxBadger on twitter said...

The state of Malden Road is nothing short of appalling!! Its dangerous for all road users (cars & cyclists) and its only a matter of time before someone is seriously hurt or killed....I'm sure car suspensions have been damaged.
We all need to club together and lobby the council to get this sorted....make claims for damage to vehicles etc....

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