Friday, 5 July 2013

Gated Development

A nice new wooden gate has been installed at the entrance to the passage leading from Central Road through to Yoga Way. (That’s the library and Waitrose car park for those who have never taken the time to discover this is called Yoga Way).

The passage and the road leading to it (on right) is part
of the land owned by Lotus Apartments.
The gate is supposed to be locked at night as a deterrent to vandals and graffitists however it should be open during the day. It is self closing so a little push will let you know if you can indeed enter the passage or not.

On the other side
The passage is not actually a right of way but is owned by the same people who own the new development of flats there (appropriately named ‘Lotus Apartments’ – being in Yoga Way – Thanks Andrew for spotting that one). The road leading up to the passage is also theirs.

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Dave said...

When I first used that alley-way, in the 1950s, it was understood that it was owned by the local council, as it provided access to Barn Works (Barn Glass, Guilding Brothers, Lace Wool), also owned by the council. There may even have been a notice to that effect on one of the walls. More recently, LBS have denied ownership simply because it's not on their plans. The tarmacing has been long overdue, so I'm not objecting to the gate, provided it doesn't presage closure to the public.

And Blogmaster - it's not the "Waitrose" car park but the "Stone Place" car park. AFAIK the Waitrose site is leased from LBS, who definitely own the car park.
Pedantic? You bet!

Worcester Park Blogger said...

I am not afraid to accept a correction but on this occasion I was pointing out what Yoga Way is more commonly thought of as, and by extension, using what Stone Place car park is more commonly thought of as. Yes you are completely correct in the technical name of that area, but I feel justified in using the common, albeit technically incorrect name in this particular context.

Thanks for the additional information too.

Dave said...

Fair enough.

Ever since it was named I have wondered why the name 'Yoga Way' was chosen, and by whom. It has to be one of the daftest names ever. Something with 'Barn' or 'Stone' in it would have made sense.

Gridlocked said...

If I remember rightly, around the time the new Waitrose and reduced-size library opened, there actually were Yoga lessons /courses taking place nearby (in the library?)

Presumably somebody pretentious in the council had a zany notion that it would be a great idea to invest cash in renaming a pathway, and ordering a shiny new sign to match! These days, thankfully, our council does not waste cash on signs!... "Outer London Fund - Working for Worcester Park".

Andy said...

Apparently, the Sanskrit word 'yoga' means to join or to unify, so perhaps it was used to represent the joining of the two existing dirt tracks to connect the upper and lower ends of the high street??

Tenuous, I know, but let's give them the benefit of the doubt??

StuckSignsLondon.Com said...

The property developer paid for the sign and I installed it... Nice to see that it's doing it's job and getting Yoga Way and the Lotus Apartments noticed and creating a bit of a stir on the WP Blog! :)

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