Friday, 5 July 2013

Gated Development

A nice new wooden gate has been installed at the entrance to the passage leading from Central Road through to Yoga Way. (That’s the library and Waitrose car park for those who have never taken the time to discover this is called Yoga Way).

The passage and the road leading to it (on right) is part
of the land owned by Lotus Apartments.
The gate is supposed to be locked at night as a deterrent to vandals and graffitists however it should be open during the day. It is self closing so a little push will let you know if you can indeed enter the passage or not.

On the other side
The passage is not actually a right of way but is owned by the same people who own the new development of flats there (appropriately named ‘Lotus Apartments’ – being in Yoga Way – Thanks Andrew for spotting that one). The road leading up to the passage is also theirs.