Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Gas Pipe Replacement Update

(or The Current Gaseous State)

Just a quick update on the gas pipe replacement works going on:

Sean Jordan in Sutherland Gardens
Sutherland Gardens had their pipes replaced on Friday (5th July - pictured above) and had to sit out the weekend before work could begin filling the holes and putting the road back together.  I had a chat with Sean Jordan, the gentleman who is the on-site manager (and backhoe operator) and he told me that they have five working days to fix up the road after they have finished the pipe replacement but they always try to get it done within three. So Sutherland Gardens should be back to normal again after today.
Sutherland Gdns. this morning

They are still working in Brinkley Road but are now doing the other side so should be finished there soon. Work has just begun in Pembury Ave.

According to Sean, once this is done there won’t be any gas leaks. This means no more urgent digging up of roads and footpaths without any notice that gas leaks cause. He said, “People just have to put up with a week of inconvenience while we lay the new pipes so as not to have to worry about that in the future.”

Update (23rd July)

Browning last week
Highdown a few days ago
    A sign of things to come in Lincoln    
Browning last week
The works have come and gone at the bottom end of Browing Avenue, are continuing at the Browning end of Brinkley Road and are about to begin in Lincoln Road which is to become a one way street for a fortnight or so from the 5th of August. I'm as yet unsure which way this will be as the signage didn't indicate the direction but I will update when I know. As well as that, there are works also going on in Highdown in the Epsom and Ewell sector of Worcester Park.

Thanks to blog reader Julie for one of the pictures here...