Thursday, 18 July 2013

Finally Fixing The Hole

Well there’s good news and bad news. The good news is that the large hole in the road outside Worcester Park Station is being fixed. The bad news is that it is causing traffic mayhem of an order of magnitude greater than just the usual traffic mayhem.

Work began at around 11 o’clock this morning and is scheduled to be finished tomorrow evening. A four way temporary traffic signal has been put in place and all the crossing points over Malden Road to the station have been closed.

The hole, which is the result of a collapsed sewer, opened up at the beginning of last week and it has apparently taken this long for Thames Water and Metrorod (the contractor doing the work) to get the necessary permission from the two local Councils and the other various necessary bodies to start the work of digging up the road and replacing the pipe. According to the gentleman who was supervising their lunch break today (or it might have been a tea break) it takes that long for all the paperwork to go through the system.

The resulting traffic was banked all the way up Cheam Common Road as far as Farm Road when I went past and this was at a usually benign part of the day traffic wise. This in itself has led to 'yellow box' hogging at Green Lane and incidents of shouting a swearing at other drivers (is that classed as road rage?). I don’t know if it was a coincidence or because all the cars were stuck in the traffic but Stone Place Car Park was the emptiest I have ever seen it during the day. I would encourage everyone driving to avoid the area until the work is completed.

Thanks to a blog reader for some of the photos!

Update (around 5pm - 18th July)

The traffic is so bad toiday it has made the local papers as being the 'worst ever':

Update (19th July around 5:45pm)

Thanks to a blog reader who reported that the hole was filled in by around 4pm. I went past at about 4:20 and noticed the yellow line had been repainted on the patch. So fingers crossed it won't be long.

The weirdest thing was that this afternoon Central Road was almost deserted. It looked as if it was a bank holiday. All the traffic is stuck on the other side of the road works snaking its was down Malden Road  so very little can actually get through into Central Road, leaving it like a ghost town.

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Jimmy McNulty said...

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Peoples Front of Buckland Way said...

Think of the drivers also trying to get out of manor drive. Road rage waiting to happen with all the 'Keep Clear' box hoggers.

guest said...

"scheduled to be finished tomorrow evening", but the completion date on the notice says 24th - presumably that's the latest date on the permit.

"two local Councils" - Isn't the Sutton/Kingston boundary at Beverley Brook? And the Epsom boundary part way up The Avenue.

0843 to Waterloo said...

My perhaps simplified understanding is that the railway bridge is the boundary in that area, placing this issue well inside Kingston's domain.

...I bet you some pedant no asks which side of the railway bridge is the border!

RobDavies said...

When they revamped Green Lane, why did they not paint the 'keep clear' yellow box right up to where the traffic lights are, as people creep beyond the lights but not into the box, then they can't see when the lights have changed and suddenly move as folk try to exit Green Lane. They could also have widened the Green Lane a little by the Chip shop to have a left and right lane to ease the congestion a little. Instead we have wide pavement on both sides and seating to watch the traffic chaos.

Yesterday I was waiting to get out of Green Lane and saw someone pass me on the wrong side of the road - they were confronted by a car that turned into Green Lane - an exchange of words and they managed to squeeze past each other. The car then went through the red light on the wrong side of the traffic island and turned right across the traffic to join the queue under the bridge - A minute or two later someone-else did the same thing - Absolute mayhem!

Pembury said...

any updates on how the roadworks are getting on?

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