Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Doesn’t Appeal To Me

The refusal of last year’s application to convert the Old Bank Chambers in Green Lane into a Mosque is being appealed by the applicant. A letter (see below) should have been sent to everyone who wrote in supporting, opposing or just commenting on the original application. In it, the head of Sutton Council’s Development Services says that “On 15 July 2013 the Secretary of State for the Environment received an appeal by Mr H Aziz against the Council’s 4.refusal of permission.” (not sure what the 4. before 'refusal' is for though.)

We have 6 weeks from the 15th July to send in further comments to be taken into account by the appeal hearing. As it is now over two weeks since the 15th, this means we have less than 4 weeks.

Readers will be aware that the same applicant has recently submitted a second application to turn the building into a Mosque. While to most people this is a second try at the first application with a few adjustments, the blog understands that in the eyes of the law it seen as a completely new, different and unrelated application. However this appeal is not about this new second application, it is going back to the first application which was refused by the Council back in December last year and asking for this decision to be overturned. The fact they are appealing one decision while putting in another application for pretty much the same thing makes it seem a bit complicated though.

If you can remember back to the original application, which was turned down because of the traffic and parking problems it would cause (before any talk of a Green Mosque prohibiting the use of cars), this is the refused application they are appealing against.

Instructions for sending in further comments are contained in the letter. Time to get writing...