Monday, 22 July 2013

Cut Cable Cuts Business

A hand full of businesses in Central Road have lost their internet and telephone services due to a cable theft on Saturday morning.
Notice at Santander

Both NatWest and Santander, lost their services at around 11:30 Saturday morning as copper cable was cut and stolen in broad daylight from busy Central Road.

As one of the ladies in a very empty NatWest told the blog, there have been so many road works around the area that people dressed as workmen and taking cable just wouldn’t be noticed.

BT have made it a priority to fix the cable and hope to start tomorrow (Tuesday) morning although they have had to apply for planning permission to do the necessary digging. It is likely to take at last half a day. It is hoped then that services will be up and running again tomorrow afternoon at best.

Thanks to blog reader Sue who first spotted this (or at least let me know!).  She asks: "Along the same line do you think Papa Johns would give me loads of pizza if I turned up outside with a moped with a box on the back?"

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Jack said...

With the amount of cameras on the high street how was someone able to nick the cable in the first place?

Hrtless said...

CCTV Cameras, unless staffed are mostly used to retrospectively investigate crime. Rarely do they actually prevent it

Uncabled and Wireless said...

I don't know about Papa Johns, but from what I see going on, anyone who turns up at the Council Offices and says "Outer London Fund" seems to be handed thousands of pounds, in return for promises to uproot the high street and leave it in a worse state than they started!

Anyway, they must have looked suspicious, in amongst all the snail's pace "Outer London Fund Working for Sutton Council's vanity projects"... A team working efficiently, seemingly towards an objective... I mean, you don't exactly see that every day!

Cabled and Wireless said...

You've got it wrong the 'Re-elect Boris fund' hands money over, in exchange for the right to dig up areas, not take money.

Uncabled and Wireless said...

Vince Cabled and Potless,

From what reports I've seen from Sutton Council, relating to this Outer London Fund, Boris's name is not mentioned. However, there is a recurring theme of named Lib Dem Councillors dismissing wasted thousands, followed announcements that they're spending thousands more!

In at least one case, the named and shamed company that had just failed to deliver on one contract subsequently got the reward of another contract - at exactly the same meeting!
How the hell did £2 million get put in the hands of people so clueless?

guest said...

For full information on the Outer London Fund consult.

This states clearly that it is a Mayor of London initiative. Local politicians of all parties will take the praise for any funding, so it's not surprising that Boris is not mentioned by Sutton Council. The sub text of it being his relection fund was exposed by one of the broadsheets, that pointed out that the funds mainly went to areas where his vote was low. However, this is just typical politican behaviour and not to be compared with Dame Shirley Porter's gerrymandering.

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