Friday, 26 July 2013

Conservatives Celebrate By-Election Victory in Kingston

Kingston's newest Councillor, Terry Paton
The Conservatives have won the Council seat vacated by the Ex Lib Dem Council leader Derek Osbourne when he was arrested on suspicion of possessing indecent images of children last month.

Ex-policeman and business owner Terry Paton won the Beverley ward by-election for the Conservatives, soundly beating the Liberal Democrats in what was once a safe Lib Dem seat.

The huge swing of 9.6% from the Liberal Democrats to the Conservatives  was only dwarfed by the even bigger swing of 15.7% from the Liberal Democrats to Labour who have gone from being out of the race to being nearly level with the Lib Dems.

The Lib Dems ran a nasty campaign which included a last minute leaflet saying the Conservatives were going to build high rise flats in the area, a completely unfounded allegation.  However local people gave Terry Paton, who had organised several community events the benefit of the doubt and elected him as their new local Councillor on Kingston Council.

The final number of votes was as follows:

  • Conservatives: 1,033
  • Liberal Democrats: 760
  • Labour: 717
  • UKIP: 223
  • Green: 207

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axlrocky said...

lib dems running a false campaign ful of lies, didnt see that one coming! apparently for ed daveys next campaign the tories will be building a super mosque, closing kingston hospital, and moving to monthly bin collections

Guest said...

By the state of the newly and unceasingly pontificated with, but already crumbling Central Road and the increasing rate of closing shops, I really do wonder how much of our High Street will actually be able to survive this 'rejuvenation'.

By the time that election comes, one thing that undoubtedly will have long gone is the money to fix all the mistakes!

Stewart Consv Mackay said...

This is extremly good news. Welldone Terry !!

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plasterer surrey said...

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Terry Paton said...

Thank You

Terry Paton said...

I hate to think, I was amazed at how anyone could say I was going to close the library, post office, build tower blocks, and even heard that Ed Davey was on the streets on Election Day delivering leaflets saying some the above, and called in nearly 200 activists to help, Fib Dems and The Energy secretary a disgrace. Just want to get on with helping New Malden and residents of New Malden and Kingston. My thanks to the people of Beverley Ward for seeing through the false claims.

Terry Paton said...

I am pretty sure in a drawer there will be a letter saying "All the money is gone" The mess, the waste, the poor planning, the tied up weak contracts, from failing our children, to the arrest and conviction of The Former Leader of the council, it will all be there. But just like the Country was left is a mess, it can be turned around. As long as we are given the chance, and I trust that we will.

Simon Densley (Conservative & said...

Ahh yes - 'Closing libraries' - that's one of the Lib Dems' favourite stories to cook up about other parties. A couple of years ago they said the same thing in Worcester Park while claiming to have not closed a single library themselves, conveniently forgetting about the nearby Ridge Road Library only a couple of years before.

guest D said...

Ah Reggie Maudling's letter to Jim Callaghan after 13 years of Tory Misrule! I would have thought that would be kept in the Tresuary Archives.

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