Sunday, 7 July 2013

Charity Starts At Home

Tony collecting the entrance fee 

Occasionally while driving round Worcester Park, I come across some really amasing things. This afternoon I found one of those in Courtenay Road.

Jean and Tony who live at number 43 Courtenay Road have opened up their garden to the public to raise money for St Raphael’s hospice. After paying Tony a pound to get in, I went through to the garden where there were nearly as many stalls set up as yesterday’s craft market in Central Road! Everyone was very friendly and it was almost like being at a garden party.

Jean told me that they have been holding two of these events each year, their “Summer Affair” and also a Christmas one for around 5 years now. They manage to raise between £800 and £900 for the hospice each time.

There are plenty of good things to eat and drink, raffles, lots of good quality stuff to buy at the various stalls and good company! I sampled the chocolate cake while I was there. It was only £1.50 and delicious!
Jean Serving Cake

It finishes at 4:30 this afternoon so there is still time to get along and help Jean and Tony raise money for St Raphael’s. If you are not watching the tennis I could not recommend a more pleasant way to spend the afternoon!