Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Broken Bus Blocks Brinkley

This evening at about half past eight, the 213 bus heading up Central Road broke down opposite Brinkley Road and was still there an hour later, and could possibly still be there now.

The driver told the blog that the catalytic converter needed replacing and although it was an easy thing to replace, they couldn’t get under the bus to do it while it was on the road. He was therefore waiting patiently for the bus tow truck to come and take the bus away to where they could get underneath and fix it.

In the meanwhile cars have had to drive around the bus in central road (nothing new there) and are also having to squeeze through the tiny gap left by the bus to get into Brinkley Road. Getting out of Brinkley Road is another matter.

The driver said that he tried to manoeuvre the bus further past Brinkley Road but it just wouldn’t go any further.

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plasterer croydon said...

I'm reminded of Jesus' words to the persnickety Pharisees: "You have strained out the gnat & gulped down the camel."
plasterer croydon

plasterer croydon

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