Friday, 19 July 2013

Attack Of The Purple Penned Idiots

The old Worcester Park Tavern
If there’s one way to lose my respect pretty quickly it is to tell me you are a graffiti ‘tagger’. The only people who like seeing it are the taggers themselves getting their little ‘thrill’ out of seeing their own tags and hopping other taggers will notice and recognise them. For everyone else it is right in that place where immaturity, arrogance and contempt all overlap. It is right up there with fly tipping for quickly altering the character of an area in a harmful direction, possibly even worse because it is harder to get rid of, easier to do and is done with intent rather than for convenience.

I don't mind the artistic stuff when there is obvious talent, but the shabby repetitive scrawls are of no benefit to anyone.

Unfortunately both the old Worcester Park Tavern and the station have suffered from this recently. I would agree with fellow Worcester Park commentator, @WorcesterPkInfo who recently tweeted: “Someone with time on their hands! If you know who, please let us know.”

I hope this is not a sign of things to come and that this is painted over very quickly so as not to attract similar vermin. (Yes - I really don't like them.) Let's not let Worcester Park decline into one of 'those' graffiti ridden areas.
'Photoshopped' version of above

If you see anyone doing this it is a ‘crime currently being committed’ and so calling the Police on 999 is justified and advised. If you know anything about who has done this please call 101 to let the Police know or you can let them know anonymously by calling Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

Rant over.

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Dave Woodley said...

Really? Calling 999 for this? Bad advice, my friend.

Worcester Park Blogger said...

It is criminal damage. Is it less bad than say, smashing wing mirrors off cars, when you take into account the cost to the community both financial and social? Where would you draw the line Dave on contacting the police for an immediate response?

Kendo said...

I agree with your argument here WP, but I guess the reality is that they wouldn't prioritize this, and by the time they arrive the offenders will be long gone. Maybe use those precious minutes to capture some artistic high definition snaps on your phone of their "work" in action that can be shown to the police when they do turn up!

guest said...

Have to disagree with you. As WPB says it is a crime actively being committed, that is a matter for 999, so they have a chance of capturingthe perpertrators and some photos as well. Not the Police information number.

guest said...

"I don't mind the artistic stuff when there is obvious talent"
How do you distinguish between graffito and 'art'?
I see no artistic merit in the works of Banksy, but clearly others do.
In the eyes of the law it's all vandalism.

Taggers must be very secretive, or have parents who don't care what their progeny get up to. Not that they are all retarded teenagers living at home.

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