Thursday, 25 July 2013

A Trip Down Memory Bus Route

How much do you know about the 213 bus? Amy Graham is an MA student at Kingston University and is researching that very subject.

Amy is doing a course called 'Heritage: Contemporary Practice' and also happens to work for Kingston Museum and the Heritage Service. For her MA individual project she has decided to collect information, memories and stories about the 213 bus and would like to hear from any blog readers with interesting information or good stories about the 213.

Amy also has a blog on the subject which is She is also looking at other themed trails such as 'World War 213' and even a little celebratory exhibition if she can collect enough material.

So if you dear reader can help shine some light on the history of the 213 bus and related information please let Amy know. You can contact her directly at or through the blog. Or better still share your memories on here!