Saturday, 1 June 2013

Worcester Park Residents Association Newsflash

The Worcester Park Residents’ Association (WPRA) is gearing up once again to oppose the latest application to convert the old Bank Chambers in Green Lane into a Mosque. A ‘Newsflash’ letter from the WRPA will soon be dropping through letterboxes in the vicinity of Green Lane, followed in the next couple of weeks by people knocking on doors with a petition objecting to the application.

The blog has received an advance copy of the Newsflash letter which is copied below (the blog even gets a mention!) It needs no further explanation from me. Here 'tis...



JUNE 2013

New application for a Mosque at Bank Chambers building 2 - 4 Green Lane  WP

The application for a change of use to a place of worship as a Mosque at 2-4 Green Lane was first received by Sutton Council planning section on the 8th of June 2012. Since the 5th of July 2012. The WPRA led a campaign objecting to this application being granted in this location on the grounds of the traffic and parking mayhem it WOULD cause if granted. Our campaign received a very big response from the people who live in WP for the rejection of the application due to the inappropriate location.  We all know what the traffic problems are at the junction of Green Lane and Central Road as most of us experience them every day and to actually believe that someone wanted to use those premises as a place of worship or indeed for any public assembly purposes that would surely attract additional vehicles to that particular area, have no concept of the traumas we currently experience with the volume of traffic on our roads in WP.

During our campaign, the WPRA raised 3730 signatures objecting to this application, the vast majority of whom were all from people who live in the KT4 area, an additional objection petition was raised by the WP Tory Ward Councillor Stuart Gordon-Bullock, which swelled the signatures objecting to a magnificent 4,126. LBS planning department also received 473 letters of objection of which 441 were from people who live in the KT4 area.150 letters supporting the proposal were also received by the Council however only 17% of those supporting letters came from the KT4 postcode area compared to 93% of the letters objecting which were from the KT4 area.

The case was heard by Sutton’s Development Control Committee on the 3rd of December and after numerous presentations, some heated debate and many impassioned pleas, the committee unanimously refused the application, upholding the council officer’s recommendations. The application was turned down on the grounds of “insufficient parking provision in an area” and the “danger and inconvenience to all users of the public highway” that it would cause.

Since then a few people have been found to be using the building as a Mosque without the necessary permission, requiring a Planning Contravention Notice to be served and it has also seen squatters move into the building and back out again.

It seems the applicant wants to have another try at converting it to a Mosque. Local residents have until 21st June 2013 to submit their comments, support or objections to this new Worcester Park Mosque application.

The new planning application (A2013/67455) was received by Sutton Council on the 10th of May regarding: 2 - 4 Green Lane, Worcester Park, KT4 8AD. The application is for: Use of premises as a place of worship
(Class D1) for a “temporary period” of four years involving replacement of garage door with window and provision of cycle facilities.

This "new " application in short refers to a temporary Mosque (for 4 years!!), for 95 worshippers(32% reduction but still too many!!). Further, it will be a "green" Mosque so worshippers will be forbidden from driving there!!

This is where YOU come in:-

In the WPRA’s opinion this is all a ploy by the applicant to achieve what he desires ultimately by gaining a permanent place of religious worship and public assembly  in what is totally the wrong location in WP. Therefore this reapplication needs to be resisted as strongly as the first one. We on the WPRA have every intention to make sure that it will be!!

Therefore, if you feel, as we do, that even this “amended reapplication” will still create 1) Undue loss of privacy; 2) Access or Traffic problems; 3) A need for additional car parking; 4) Unacceptable or incompatible use of the premises; and 5) Noise problems ( these are all Material Considerations that the planning department can consider), then I would urge you to submit fresh objections to this proposal either by hard copy letter or online via the comment portal of the council's website as follows:-

a) Click on to
b) Click on Planning;
c) Click on Online Planning Register;
d) Type in Planning 67455;
e) Click on the green comment section at the bottom of this page;
f) Fill in your comments and follow the instructions to submit.(tick the objection box)

If objecting by hard copy letter the address to write to is;
The Planning Division, 24 Denmark Road, Carshalton, SM5 2JG
Please remember to include the planning application number which is  67455/FUL
The last date for acceptance of your letter is Friday 21st June 2013.

We, in the Association will continue to fight the granting of this reapplication to the end as we feel it can only further degrade the locality in what is already an area that is often gridlocked by traffic (as locals will already know!), and really just cannot take anymore! This application is just not “fit for purpose”. We would therefore urge you to contact the council by one of the methods recommended, if you feel as we do. Furthermore if you have any neighbours that would like to do the same, please encourage them to do so, even if they are not members of our Residents Association.

At the time of this going to press, a new petition is being formulated by the WPRA. We will be knocking on your doors in the following week, when hopefully you and the members of your family will sign it objecting to the application. From then it will also be available to sign at the following shops in Central Road :- Pet’s Place; Ross’s Fruiterers & Woodwards the Butchers. There is also much useful information to be found on this issue on the website. Have a look at it.