Saturday, 8 June 2013

What’s that up in the sky?

A prospective Worcester Parker has emailed me regarding local helicopter noise. She writes:
"I spent a few hours today (Saturday) walking around the area as I am thinking of buying a house to settle down and raise kids in WP. On my sunny walk everything seemed really nice. A few friendly people when I got lost, pretty green and leafy roads and then I saw 3 helicopters right overhead very loud! Now, it could well have been 1 helicopter circling as I found (via google) there is some sort of training school in the area. If I were to live right under their flight path, how often and to what time at night could I expect to hear them? Are they more common on the weekend and do they fly late enough to keep little ones up at their bedtimes?"
I understand we are more or less under a helicopter flight path from London but I wonder how much of London would not fit that description somewhat.

Once again I would like to turn this over to the lovely Worcester Parkers who never fail to provide interesting insights tempered with entertaining if not grumpy debate. What are your thoughts on our regular rotored roof-gazers?