Friday, 14 June 2013

Wanted – People to help collect signatures

I have had several people contact the blog asking where they can sign a petition against the proposed Mosque in Green Lane and wondering when someone will be knocking on their door with one. I understand from those organising petitions that while most people want to sign a petition, there are not yet enough people prepared to knock on doors and gather those much needed signatures. Worcester Park is a large area after all.

Can you help?

All you need to do is:
  • Contact a petition organiser (via the blog -
  • You will be told if your road needs doing or if there is one nearby that needs doing.
  • Print off some petition sheets (or collect some from one of 3 addresses in Worcester Park)
  • Knock on your neighbours doors and invite them to sign.
  • Return the filled in petitions to one of 3 addresses in Worcester Park before next Friday (21st June).
Please email the blog if you are prepared to join in and help your neighbours object to this application which will increase traffic in the already too congested Green Lane. Your details will be passed to a petition organiser and you will receive a petition word file you can print out and start gathering signatures. Or else you can pick up some pre-printed petitions from one of those 3 addresses in Worcester Park.

Additionally if you wish to just sign a petition, you can do so in the following shops in Central Road:
  • Pet's Place
  • Ross's Fruiterers
  • Woodwards the Butchers
  • Iceland
And remember one direct objection by letter or email is worth many petition signatures. You can do this on the internet by doing the following:
You can also write a letter of objection directly to the Council. This can be sent to:

The Planning Division,
24 Denmark Road,
Please remember to include the planning application number which is  67455/FUL

Objections must reach them by Friday 21st June 2013.