Monday, 10 June 2013

Take A Walk

I was recently asked if I wanted to be taken for a walk. Not just any walk mind you, but a Nordic Walk. Unfortunately this wasn't an offer for an all expenses paid trek around Sweden but it was however a chance to find out about a fitness activity I had never heard of before.

The offer came from Lynn Pickering, who is a local instructor and has recently started Nordic Walking classes in Nonsuch Park. Lynn tells me that Nordic Walking is the fastest growing fitness activity in the world and was rather hoping I might be persuaded to tell people about it (and her classes) via the medium you are now reading.

Don’t worry blog readers; I am not becoming a mere advertising service, paid for in fitness tuition. However I am always keen to see local businesses flourish and also keen to alert people to new and interesting things going on in the area. I asked Lynn if she might offer a free session to blog readers only to find out she offers free taster sessions anyway. However she did instead offer £5.00 discount off the standard Technique Training Course price of £59.00, making the 4 week course £54.00 for blog readers. She said if you mention the Worcester Park Blog when you contact her, she will apply the discount. Surely that’s got to be a win win for everyone!

But what actually is Nordic Walking I hear you enthusiastically ask? Lynn has kindly anticipated this question and here is her explanation:
Nordic Walking developed from cross-country skiing, it can be done on any terrain, flat or hilly, grass or tarmac.  Although it uses similar movements and muscles as cross-country skiing, and similar poles, it isn't skiing and doesn't require skis or snow, not one flake!
Nordic walking poles are placed behind you and used for propulsion (unlike Trekking). The poles effectively switch you to 4-wheel drive mode utilising your upper body to drive you forward whilst giving you a springy lengthened stride.  By spreading the workload across the body often people don’t realise how hard they are working.
Following a session I received an email from a Lady who was curious why her muscles were aching when she ‘hadn't been working very hard’.  I loved informing her that she’d been working really hard but hadn't noticed because she was busy chatting, enjoying the surroundings and concentrating on perfecting her Technique.
Nordic walking is a superb way to tone-up, lose weight, enjoy local Green Space and make new friends.  It’s effective because it’s an all-round workout (it uses 90% of the skeletal muscles).  It’s unusual because such a spectrum of people are seeing the benefits from those with medical problems to Athletes.  It can be done by almost anyone, whatever age, fitness level or goal, because you can start at the level right for you and progress at the pace you choose, enjoying every stage.

Lynn runs her classes in Nonsuch Park from Monday to Friday, mornings and evenings and Saturday mornings. Walking poles are supplied.

For more information see Lynn’s website:

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And you can contact Lynn directly to find out more or book a class or free taster session: