Saturday, 15 June 2013

Robbery In Green Lane

This afternoon at 2:45 a female Korean student was robbed of her laptop. She had just passed the junction with Lincoln Road when the suspect came up behind her and grabbed her Apple Mac pro. She resisted the robber and was kicked and hurled to the ground. The suspect ran away into Lincoln Road pursued by the student and her friend, but managed to get into his Green Volvo 850 estate. They tried to pull him out of his car and were further assaulted by the suspect who managed to then drive away at speed into Longfellow Road. A man decorating in Lincoln Road heard the screaming and came out of his house to assist the victim but unfortunately was seconds too late as the car drove off. A few moments later another man called police to report a green Volvo was driving dangerously in Longfellow Road. Apparently he mounted the pavement to get around other cars to get away. This witness was not aware of the robbery that had just happened and just thought the driver was driving like an idiot. Thankfully this witness got the registration number (L reg). A female motorist stopped to assist the victim but it is not known who this person is.

Police enquires are going on into the night. They have a suspect who is known to police to be very violent and hope to find him tonight or tomorrow. There are two witnesses so far and police have been doing door to door enquiries in Green Lane. The two girls were screaming for help and chased the suspect so police are hoping there will be more witnesses.

The victim is a bit grazed and bruised but otherwise okay. It was very brave of her to chase the suspect but police have said this is not advisable as she may have been seriously injured, and not worth it for a laptop.

The suspect is a black male of about 30 years F5'09" tall slim build and was wearing a black leather jacket and had short cropped hair. If it is who the police think it is, he is from W12, not from Worcester Park and they do not know why he was here.

If there any witnesses, can they please contact PS Ashley Bennetts or call 101 quoting crime reference 4005619/13. You will not be wasting police time if you think you might have even something small to add.

Police wish to assure people that these kinds of offences are extremely rare in Worcester Park.

Update 16th June (around 2:30pm)

The police put the registration number into the Police National Computer and at 2:40am this morning, the green Volvo estate was spotted by the Automatic Number Plate Recognition system (ANPR) traveling on the M40 towards Oxford.

The car was stopped and the two occupants who both fit the description were arrested and taken to a police station in Oxford. They are in the process of being bought back to Sutton police station where they will be interviewed etc. Emergency identity parades are being organised for tomorrow and the officers searching the suspects' flats will hopefully find the stolen property.

The blog commends the fast and efficient work of the police on this matter. It just shows that when they have enough information to go on, they can get a result pretty quickly. It also shows that it is always worth calling the police. You never know when yours might be the call that provides the link that the police need to solve a crime.

Update 19th June

One of the two suspects arrested early on Sunday morning has admitted to the crime. The two were brought back to Sutton after being stopped on the M40. David Leonard, aged 45 and of no fixed abode, when seeing the weight of evidence against him fully admitted the offence and stated that the other person in the car, his nephew Isaac was not there and had nothing to do with it.

Mr Leonard told police he had been 'wandering' looking for things to steal and rob. He saw the victim use her mobile phone but by the time he walked to her she had put it away so he grabbed her lap top instead. He took the lap top to Shepherds bush market where an associate gave him £30 for it (it was worth £1500). He then bought fuel and travelled up towards Oxford to meet his nephew.

David Leonard was picked in the identity procedure by the victim. His nephew Isaac was released without charge. Mr Leonard was charged with robbery and dangerous driving. Apparently he told police that "he did not want to hurt anyone" and apologised. The blog understands he has pleaded guilty and is now awaiting sentence for this crime.

May the sentence be appropriate and may any other potential robbers, muggers, pickpockets, thieves, burglars and the like take note that you are unwelcome in Worcester Park. We have a great police team, and a solid community that looks out for each other and if you come here with these intentions we will do all we can to ensure your stay is a short one and the last one on the way to the clink. Got it? Good. (I'm sorry if this comes across as a little harsh but that poor girl didn't ask to be robbed and assaulted. Criminal behaviour like this really gets my goat and ties it in a knot.)