Monday, 17 June 2013

Remember Vera and Joe's Dance Academy?

I had an email a few days ago from a gentleman trying to find out some information on the old Vera and Joe's Dance Academy that used to be opposite Worcester Park Station. He needs the information for an autobiography he’s writing. He writes:
Back in the early 60's it was a very popular meeting and dancing place for teenagers. V & J taught us to waltz and quickstep as well as jive, and for those of us attending all boys schools like Beverley (Coombe) it was the only chance to meet girls. Could you advise where I may find any archive info on V & J's please, it was very well known at the time, occupying premises the other side of the road to WP station. Any advice from your bloggers would be much appreciated.
If you remember this place, please contact Jeremy Linton Mann on He would be grateful to hear from you.