Sunday, 30 June 2013

Re: Cycle Registration

The opportunity to register your peddle powered device is once again upon us. On Sunday the 14th of July, police from the local Safer Neighbourhood team and transport police will be in the car park of Christ Church with St Philip (in Ruskin Drive near the corner of Cheam Common Road) offering to mark and register your cycling apparatus.

As part of a police move to improve cycle security across the Capital, the Cycle Task Force, part of the Transport for London (TfL) funded Metropolitan Police Service Safer Transport Command, are offering free security marking and advice to the public about registering your bike, monocycle, tandem, trandem, penny- farthing or other peddled contrivance.

A unique code is etched into the cycle frame and kept on a database together with the owner’s details so that the police can trace the owner and reunite them with their wheeled transport if it gets stolen (and recovered). Apparently so many stolen bikes are recovered but the police have no way of knowing who their owners are so most end up going for auction. When a registered bike is recovered they simply have to look it up to find the owner and arrange to get it back to them. Security marking your bike also deters potential thieves as your bike can be easily traced if it is stolen.

The event follows on from two similar bike marking event in Worcester Park this year. The first was in January outside the police office in central road and saw 47 bicycles registered. The second was In April at Maple Lodge in the Hamptons and saw 72 cyclists turn up for the event which had to be extended due to such overwhelming popularity.

So if the trend continues, Sunday the 14th at Christ Church with St Philip should be a corkingly popular day as Worcester Park’s many, as yet unregistered cyclists choose to take advantage of this valuable free service.

Why not come down (or up) and get yours done?


A good bike marking was had by all with a grand total of 22 bikes leaving happily registered.

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Huey said...

A cycle has pedals and is pedalled
A trader has goods which are peddled
But in combination,
The great revelation
Is a trader could peddle as they pedalled.

- and always use two locks of a different type (e.g. a U-lock as the main lock and a cable lock as a secondary lock).
- NEVER rely on a cable lock as your primary lock - they can easily be cut through - unless you have eyes on your bike at all times (e.g. outside at a cafe)
- Always lock your bike to an immoveable object (and not a short street pole which the locked bike can be lifted over)
- Always lock the frame AND both wheels at the same time (the frame and a wheel and the immovable object help fill the space inside a u-lock and makes it difficult to get the tools in there to break it apart - the cable lock secures the other wheel to the frame and/or immoveable object)
- Always make a note of your frame number so you can properly report it when it gets stolen

Huey said...

...and a cycle with one wheel is a UNIcycle.


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