Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Pickpockets in Central Road

I had a message yesterday about a couple of incidents of pick-pocketing in Central Road. In one incident a man in his 80s was robbed of his wallet and his wife’s pension money. Apparently the thief had been following him around inside a supermarket and then to the bus stop, waiting for the right moment.

Also a woman in her 20s had her mobile phone taken from her handbag. Luckily the thief dropped it and it was returned to the victim.

The victims and their family and friends are understandable angry and upset that this could happen to them (or indeed to anyone).  They have asked me to pass on to everyone:
“to be careful using the post office and banks because these animals are watching and following you. Make sure your purse or wallet is in an inside pocket or under your coat. They are very fast.”
Police advice is always to keep anything valuable out of sight and please contact the police if you know anything about this/these thieves. If crime is happening, call 999, if you have information about a crime call 101 or to remain anonymous call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111. If it is specific to Worcester Park, you can also call the Worcester Park Safer neighbour Team on 0208 335 9415.

The only way we are going to drive these thieves from our streets is to make sure the police have as much information as possible. So please contact them if you know anything.

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Sue Ann Seville said...

omg... any clues as to what age sex etc they were ?

The Sarcastic Dutchman said...

If only we had sharia law. They'd think twice if they thought there was a risk of losing a hand.........

moonraker said...

My husband was looking in the Pawnbrokers window last week, when two Romanian women stood either side of him and were exchanging conversation to each other that they always look in the window to see what is there, he had the distinct feeling that they were trying to distract his attention to try and take something from the shopping bag he was carrying, otherwise, why were they no standing together talking instead of either side of him, he decided to move away from the shop and the two women then walked away together up the High Street, it all looked very suspicious especially as I myself have had my purse stolen in exactly the same way, so be on the look out for this trick.

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