Thursday, 20 June 2013

One Day To Go

Tomorrow (Friday 21st June) is the deadline for signing the petitions on the Green Lane Mosque application. There have been several petitions against the plan doing the rounds in Worcester Park. I am not aware of any petitions for it.

If you want to sign a petition and have not yet done so you only have today to do it. The following shops in Central Road have petitions for you to sign. They are being collected up between 4:30pm and 5:00pm this afternoon so you will need to get down there before 4:30 to add your signature.
  • Woodwards the Butchers
  • Iceland
  • Cycle Power
  • Ross's Fruiterers
  • Pet's Place
Remeber a direct objection (or endorsement) holds much more weight than a signature on a petition.

You can both object/support directly and sign a petition. To object (or support) the application directly:
  1.  click on the following link:
  2. Click the green button at the bottom that says ‘Comment’.
  3. Follow the instructions from there:
  • Fill in your Name, Address and email address.
  • Tick the Object box (or one of the others)
  • Fill in your reasons for objecting (or supporting etc.)
  • Type ‘Yes’ in the box beneath and click the Submit button
This must be done today or tomorrow if you want your opinion to be recognised.