Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Obscenities Written On Bank Chambers

Extremely offensive obscenities have been written on the door and door surround of the Old Bank Chambers in Green Lane which is currently having an application to become a Mosque being considered by Sutton’s planning department.

The two pieces of writing scrawled in pen shown above (with the words pixilated) were both in the same handwriting and come within weeks of a swastika being painted on the door.

Worcester Park residents managed to get over 3,500 petition signatures and write over 500 letters objecting to this building becoming a Mosque because of the additional parking and traffic mayhem it would cause in a spot which already has severe parking and traffic problems. However it is a shame that a few racist people feel the need to resort to offensive hate crime such as this.

This has been reported to the Council.

The Metropolitan Police will not tolerate any hate crime against anyone. If you have any information about this please call 101 or the Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood team on 020 8649 3590 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Update 1st July

The single word beginning with 'C' that was written on the door has now finally be painted over.

Unfortunately the offensive four word sentence on the right hand side is still there (at least it was when I went past earlier this afternoon.) I hope this will be dealt with quickly.