Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Obscenities Written On Bank Chambers

Extremely offensive obscenities have been written on the door and door surround of the Old Bank Chambers in Green Lane which is currently having an application to become a Mosque being considered by Sutton’s planning department.

The two pieces of writing scrawled in pen shown above (with the words pixilated) were both in the same handwriting and come within weeks of a swastika being painted on the door.

Worcester Park residents managed to get over 3,500 petition signatures and write over 500 letters objecting to this building becoming a Mosque because of the additional parking and traffic mayhem it would cause in a spot which already has severe parking and traffic problems. However it is a shame that a few racist people feel the need to resort to offensive hate crime such as this.

This has been reported to the Council.

The Metropolitan Police will not tolerate any hate crime against anyone. If you have any information about this please call 101 or the Worcester Park Safer Neighbourhood team on 020 8649 3590 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

Update 1st July

The single word beginning with 'C' that was written on the door has now finally be painted over.

Unfortunately the offensive four word sentence on the right hand side is still there (at least it was when I went past earlier this afternoon.) I hope this will be dealt with quickly.

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mulder said...

seeing as they lost the vote last time how do you know they are not doing it themselves?

pembury said...

Are there any updates on the proposed mosque?

ElmsteadCommentator said...

As the mosque episode is in abeyance and it was all about parking (wasn't it?) why don't we turn our attention to other parking issues in the area. We need to petition the council about continuous parking issues which seem to be ignored by the authorities but cause constant traffic flow problems. The removal of all of the pedestrian railings has led to even more parking outside the Post Office area which causes blockages around the Green Lane junction. There is the mobile warehouse van parking opposite the lower entrance to the Waitrose Car Park which slows the flow of Cheam bound traffic when vehicles are turning right. The other area is at the lower end of the Avenue where church users selfishly park on both sides of the road restricting it to a single lane.

Focus on the mosque said...

"Why don't we turn our attention to other parking issues in the area" ...Because The planning application for the mosque is still live, current and definitely NOT in abeyance.

The outcome of hundreds of extra people arriving in their cars from outside KT4, and gridlocked in KT4, with nowhere to park, would dramatically push all other traffic flow concerns into insignificance. Diverting attention from the mosque will help nobody except those seeking to enforce a mosque by stealth.
Write to the Council about whatever you like, but don't expect those with a better grip of priorities to join in. [Although your suggestion reads as though you actually want somebody else to do the doing].

guest said...

Policing is not the responsibility of the council, you need to write the Bourough Commander C/o Sutton Police station, or the Metropolitan Police Authority if you want them to change their emphasis.

Karina said...

Yep, parking at the bottom of The Avenue is a nightmare on a Sunday, as is trying to drive past the Baptist Church, but there's a distinct absence of people complaining about it. I don't think that would be the case if it were a Mosque rather than a church.

guest said...

I understood that Traffic Wardens were employed by the local authority - is that not the case? Presumably they don't normally work on a Sunday, so these worshipers choose to act illegally and cause a nuisance. All part of the great panoply of religious hypocrisy.

guest said...

Traffic Wardens are part of the Met, parking attendents (who have much lesser powers, i.e. they can't direct traffic or issue Moving Traffic Offence Tickets) are employed by the council.

I once had the enjoyable experience of a traffic warden coming up to a parking attendent who was about to book me, to tell her, that she couldn't because I was parked legally, quoting the relevent part of the rules at her.

Andy said...

'Focus on the mosque'.....

Of course everyone in Worcester Park is so single minded and amoeba-like that they can't POSSIBLY think about two things in concurrence. *Yawn*.

There are many parking issues affecting Worcester Park, which may be insignificant on their own, but collectively create the current frustrating situation which is referred to by ALL mosque objectors.

If it recognised that there is a severe problem already (again, as stated by all mosque objectors), then should these issues not be addressed also?

I fully agree with the original poster, we need to petition the council or whoever installs parking restrictions to widen them in certain areas, and reduce them in others, so that people can park sympathetically to the flow of traffic from cars and pedestrians, and also with a bit of common sense.

For instance, what reason does Windsor Road have restrictions during the day on both sides of the road preventing parking at any time? Same applies to the end of Lynwood drive opposite the bank. These could both be used for short 20 minute parking to ease the issues with Stone Place.

Anyway, rant over, just annoyed that some people are so closed minded that they can't possibly move the mosque to anywhere else but the forefront of their mind at the expense of all else.

Focus on the mosque said...

Dear Andy,

The very basic and transparently clear point that you seem to have such difficulty understanding is that if the mosque happens, it will be so detrimental to traffic flow and parking as to effectively wipe every other related concern off the agenda - permanently. We know this because it is exactly what happened in Morden.

And we also know from the Morden 'failed experiment' that once given a foothold, the applicant's next priority will be to seek to rapidly expand: the establishment, the land it occupies and the attendees. To those of us with at least an ounce of intelligence, that means seeking to rapidly and continually increase the number of vehicles that the mosque attracts.

The result will be increasingly devastating for every resident and trader, as well as anyone travelling to, from or through Worcester Park. And yes, Andy, it's democratic chaos that will hurt everyone hard, regardless of their faith, race, age, sexual preference or any registered disability.

That's why this issue, with such dire consequences for everyone, has to remain at the very top of any agenda for as long as the applicant's campaign continues - with or without planning consent, since they don't seem to care about the difference!


Now let's consider, by way of contrast, what burning question to seek to replace the above issue with... "what reason does Windsor Road have restrictions during the day on both sides of the road preventing parking at any time?"

Surely it's immediately obvious, Andy, from the relative size of delivery vehicles using the relatively narrow width of Windsor Road, as an access route from the car park to Central Road?

And there's another clue because the restrictions you object to are only in place along the short stretch from the car park exit to Central Road. That's (coincidentally), the same stretch used by the large vehicles, isn't it?

And yet, you actually need to write a petition to Sutton Council, to ask the patently obvious answer? How crystal clear does it have to be?

Worse still, you're seriously suggesting easing traffic flow by blocking up this vital access route with parked cars! Forget having an open or closed mind, to come up with such an insane suggestion, you must have absolutely no trace of a mind at all! And this is instead of focusing on an issue of such fundamental importance for everyone? How unbelievably insane!

By the way, I notice on the Blog's Facebook page, someone equally bizarre, equally hostile and with an equally poor grip on reality, writing supportively of the mosque (though clearly having never read the application). Also, coincidentally, their name is 'Andrew'...

Can it be that there are two identically flawed individuals, with exactly the same name, displaying the same lack of logic, reasoning and basic common sense, on exactly the same issue? Or by chance, could they be same local, irrational irritant?

Andy said...

You mean the Waitrose delivery lorries which come maybe once or twice a day? And also which probably come outside of the restricted hours being that supermarkets usually take deliveries outside of trading hours.

If im viewed as an irritant, so be it. I don't believe I've necessarily spoken in favour of the mosque, rather against some of the rhetoric used against it.

Focus on facts said...

Quote "You mean the Waitrose delivery lorries which come maybe once or twice a day?"

WRONG! Clearly, there are deliveries throughout the day. If there were deliveries 'once or twice a day', the stock levels could not possibly hope to keep up with what is seen to go through the tills - obviously. And this doesn't include the local delivery service, which ferries goods, especially to elderly and/or disabled residents, who rely upon it.

Quote "And also which probably come outside of the restricted hours being that supermarkets usually take deliveries outside of trading hours."

WRONG! High street delivery restrictions are not in place off the High Street - again, obviously. Deliveries to Waitrose are seen to take place at the back of the store, in a self-contained, purpose built area, where they inconvenience nobody. Therefore, they are not subject to such restrictions. And the home delivery service vans can be seen operating throughout WP, throughout the day too.

Your opinions are built exclusively on your own faked evidence - similar to the belligerent, rambling nonsense you write in support of the mosque. [But thanks for confirming there is only one local, irrational irritant around here].

Charlotte said...

Any added parking issues to do with Green Lane will actually send me mental. The queues in the morning are ridiculous, the traffic light sequencing drives me up the wall and when there's road works I want to scream! We definitely do not need anything else that is going to cause added parking and congestion issues to the area. I cant even park near my house some days and i live at the very end of Green Lane for goodness sake! How on earth does anyone plan to cope with that?!!!! Becoming very frustrated and in the best possible way I won't even be able to benefit from the added stress and strain it is putting on the area....difficult situation!

guest said...

The main problem? Too many single-occupant cars.

Parking near your house is a privilege, not a right.

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