Saturday, 22 June 2013

Manor Park Update

Blog readers may remember a posting in April about Manor Park in New Malden and the destruction of a mature Hawthorne wood there. Some may even recall the Environment trust became involved and there was a meeting with councillors and  a concerned resident.

Well the concerned local resident had the meeting with Councillors David Fraser and Ken Jones and with Gerrard Eccles from the Environment Trust on the 10th June. She told the blog about the meeting:
"Ken began by saying there’s not much the council can do as its privately owned and the land was originally owned by the railway and they sold it on to the present owner, that’s apparently what someone else at the council told him.  However, as Gerrard reminded him, there is a map on the council’s web site showing the area as a"Site of Importance for Nature Conservation"which includes the pond and the Woodland that runs along the train track, which is classed as a "Green Corridor" and as such it becomes the council’s business to investigate. To this end, Ken has agreed to get documentation from Land Registry so that we can establish the footprint and Gerrard, David and I will be at the Neighbourhood Committee Meeting next Thursday evening 19th June to add Manor Park to the agenda which means the Council will have to investigate the situation and minute their findings.  So far no one at the Council has even contacted the owner to find out what exactly he plans to do and when, which I think is appalling." 
Once she had done some further research, she is planning to set up a petition on the Council web site and says that once they have 500 signatures the council will have to act. She added:
"We all are of the opinion that although his may seem an altruistic move on the part of the owner initially with the allotment scheme, in the long run he has another agenda."
She hopes people will still keep up the pressure on the Council as she feels they have so far been dragging their feet. She had promised to keep the blog updated with the unfolding of further events.

Update (6th July)

If you are near Manor Park today, look out for a lady gathering signatures on a petition asking Kingston Council to get more on the case. Cllr David Fraser will also be asking people to sign at his surgery at the library today.