Friday, 21 June 2013

Job Well Done (So Far)

The consultation deadline has passed for the Mosque application in Green Lane. Readers may be interested to know that as of Tuesday (18th June) 492 letters of objection had been received by Sutton Council and only one letter of support. I know several people who have sent in letters of objection since Tuesday so the final number will higher than this (perhaps substantially).

Also, Arthur Hookway, Chair of the Worcester Park Residents’ Association (WPRA) this afternoon delivered to Sutton’s planning department a petition with a massive 3,737 signatures on it objecting to the application. That was 34 more signatures than the WPRA collected last time, and this time it was achieved in three weeks.

Mr Hookway has said:
"I, once again would like to place on record my personal thanks to all of you (you know who you are), who worked so hard to help us to achieve this vital step in the legal road to objection. Please pass my thanks on to all of your friends and associates who assisted you in this project."
This petition was only one of a number of petitions that were going round Worcester Park. SEveral other groups have also been gathering signatures.

Now the Council planning department has the unenviable task of working through all of the correspondence, petitions, the application and various reports to produce an overall report and recommendation for the Development Control Committee. The Development Control Committee, which is made up of elected Sutton Councillors, will hold a public meeting (like last time) where supporters and objectors may speak about the application. The committee must then vote on whether to allow or refuse the planning permission based on all the evidence, and taking into account the relevant planning law.

The Worcester Park Blog will of course keep you informed of events as they unfold.

Update (26th June)

The Sutton Guardian has reported that in addition to the 3,737 signatures we had over 500 letter of objection: