Thursday, 27 June 2013

How Far Is Too Far?

I recently put up a posting about something happening in Bourne Hall, Ewell having considered that readers who live in the South part of Worcester Park may well consider this to be local to them. This has got me wondering, how far should I go when looking for interesting things to write about, or rather where should I start filtering them out? I have often written about Victoria House and its North Cheam surroundings. Conversely, going the other way, I have mentioned issues in Manor Park, and things heading off in the direction of Malden (both Old and New). I am aware that some of these things will be of interest to people living on one edge of Worcester Park, but not to everyone in Worcester Park, whereas things in Central Road are probably of interest to all of us. I know there are many regular readers and even contributors who themselves live outside Worcester Park itself and even some who live very far away in places I would definitely class as 'foreign'. So where should the boundary be?

Once again I would like to ask you dear blog readers for guidance. Are you happy if Cheam baths gets an occasional mention or does it offend your sense of neat borders? If I happen to hear of something a bit interesting going on in Morden, Cheam, Stoneleigh or Tolworth or even Ashtead do you like to hear about it? (Well maybe not Ashtead as they have a good blogger down there already.) Or would you rather know that pretty much every post has its roots somewhere within the strict boundaries of WP. Is the balance about right for you, is it too myopic or too broad? Please let me know what you think about this most weighty of issues. Thanks. I look forward to your feedback!

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Babs said...

Keep it coming from all the areas mentioned , except of course Ashtead ;)

Bexx Bissell said...

You generally get the balance just right, thank you! I am a little surprised though that you haven’t yet mentioned that the former public toilets at The Plough have a sign up
saying that they are for sale by auction.

guest said...

As Bexx says you get the balance right. But if you want a distance guide I think.

From Stone Place

0- 1.0 mile definitely
1.0 - 2 miles probably
2-3+ miles unlikely

Richard said...

I think you have got the balance about right, after all what happens in area's adjacent to Worcester Park can be of interest to us or can affect us in some way.

Linda Ashby said...

It would be nice to hear of something in the locality, I think perhaps up to the junction of the M25 either REigate or Leatherhead and down to the A3 as far as it divides to Hinchley Wood. Would be great to read about other peoples areas.

Nick Benjamin said...

Hi There. You were asking for views on how far the WP blog should cover.

When we moved to Worcester Park from Wimbledon a year ago... we were really taken by your blog for it's "localness". The fact that you cover everything from a window being put through to Mosque applications is really impressive.

As a WP resident who runs exhibitions at Bourne Hall twice a year I would love some exposure from your blog. So the question is... does it depend if the story is happening within the direct area or if the story concerns a resident from the area?

So... shameless self plug here... I am a Worcester Park artist who oil paints using only my fingers and no brushes! (and yes I am an adult!) Fab landscapes and next exhibition at Bourne Hall from Tue 28th October 2013 for the week. (

Finally... for shameless self pluggers like myself... have you thought about having a What's On section where people can post their own local events? Maybe in place of the Buy/Swap/Sell section.

All the best


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