Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Gentlemen Start Your Petitions

Conservative Cllr Eric Allen with a petition signer
Petitioning has begun in and around Worcester Park as local community activists start the process of gathering signatures against the proposed Mosque in Green Lane for the second time in twelve months.

Local Conservatives and the Worcester Park Residents’ Association have both had people out over the weekend knocking on doors in a bid to collect as many signatures as possible before the deadline for consultation ends on the 21st of June.

I was out wearing my 'Worcester Park Conservative' hat and can report that:

"I knocked on many doors over the weekend and I have not yet had a single person not want to sign the petition.
Simon Densley (aka me) getting a signature at the door
Last year was the same – several times I would knock on a door just to be told that someone else in the street had organised a petition which they had already signed. The whole community is in agreement here that having any development bringing a regular influx of people, whether it's a Mosque, a Church or a supermarket would have a terrible impact on the already awful traffic and parking situation where Green Lane meets Central Road.

The claim that nobody will use their car to get there just does not hold water. At the end of the day it is people’s own choice whether to drive, no one can ‘prohibit’ it, and when they are running a bit late or a bus connection is cancelled or it’s a bit cold outside, of course people will drive."

If any blog readers who are not already involved and would like to help gather signatures, contact the blog (mail@worcesterparkblog.org.uk) and I will put you in contact with whoever is organising petitions in your area. (Please include at least the road you live in).
Cllr Stuart Gordon Bullock with local trader signing it

If you would like to object directly. You can do so by doing the following:

You can write a letter of objection directly to the Council. This can be sent to:
The Planning Division,
24 Denmark Road,
Please remember to include the planning application number which is  67455/FUL

You can also object directly via the internet:
Objections must reach them by Friday 21st June 2013.

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Matthew Connolly Sutton CPA said...

Good news about the petitions but remember you will need to
do this for every planning applications that is presented, as well as more
detailed work if or when one of these planning applications ends up before a
planning inspector outside of Sutton. The Abbey Mills Mosque (Google it or wiki)
in Newham has rolled on for over 16yrs. The council there allowed “temporary”
use at one stage to their cost. Also all credit to the Conservatives involved
but keep an eye on the LibDems as a populous party, if they see more votes
across Sutton by being seen to support the mosque.....

Parkerilla said...

Can I add that it's said that in these planning matters one individual letter of objection is worth 500 signatures on a petition. I applaud the petition and I'll be signing it but people should be aware that by signing you haven't really done your bit and can relax, you need to personally object through the LB Sutton website or by post (see other WP blogger posts for info on how to do so)

Bob said...

You can't have counted me because when they knocked on my door I told them to "GO AWAY". I know at least three other people that wouldn't sign too!

Bob's booby said...

Tell us Bob, for your next trick, are you going to try to sort out the soon to arrive gridlocked traffic, the Waitrose car park full to capacity from dawn until dusk, residential streets full of non-residents' vehicles and the illegally parked cars throughout Green Lane and beyond (all centred around a local Mosque that nobody local visits)

. . . simply by telling them all to similarly "GO AWAY"?

shelokay said...

compared to how many that do sign the petition? "no thanks" is a standard way to answer them with manners..

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