Monday, 24 June 2013

Change of Sergeant

Sergeant Ashley Bennetts
Sergeant Ashley Bennetts - moving
to Wandle Valley
Worcester Park must say good bye today to Sergeant Ashley Bennetts who is leaving the local Safer neighbourhood team to head up the team in Wandle Valley, towards the North East corner of the borough of Sutton. Sergeant Bennetts has served in Worcester Park, heading up both the Worcester Park and Nonsuch ward teams since early last year, replacing Suzannah James who ran the teams for over four years before that. Sergeant Bennetts who had been running Beddington North actually swapped with Suzannah James who went to Beddington North and now Sergeant Bennetts will be off to run Wandle Valley, which is right next to Beddington North. (Sorry if that’s confusing – it’s easier if you’re looking at a map…)

Sergeant Bennetts told the blog:
"I have really enjoyed my 15 months at Worcester Park. I think we achieved a lot despite having 50% of my officers taken away. I had plans post Local Policing Model to utilise the extra staff, 2 x Police officers, 4 x Special Police officers. These plans can be carried forward with Sergeant Buchan. Of course there is continuity as PC Luke Lazell remains at Worcester Park and PC Haining remains at Nonsuch."
Anyone who has worked with Ashley Bennetts in Worcester Park will know what a professional and dedicated man he is and I know we will all miss him and wish him well.

Sergeant Colin Buchan
Sergeant Colin Buchan - joining
the Worcester Park team.
While technically Friday was Sergeant Bennetts’ last day, he will be spending part of today sorting out the changeover with the new Worcester Park Sergeant, Sergeant Colin Buchan who is moving from the Sutton North Ward. (For those really interested, the blog understands that Sergeant Katherine Morteo will be taking over in Sutton North). The blog would like to welcome Sergeant Buchan and I have no doubt that we will all want to make him feel at home in Worcester Park as quickly as possible.

The changeover of Sergeant coincided with the new Metropolitan Police's local policing model which kicks in today. Neighbourhood policing in Sutton is now divided into three different areas, with each area headed up by a neighbourhood inspector. Worcester Park’s area covers the northern band of 6 Sutton wards including St Helier and (perhaps ironically) Wandle Valley where Sergeant Bennetts is now posted to. It neatly covers two Council local committee areas and is headed overall by Inspector Neil Tyre.

Readers will be happy to know that Worcester Park police office will continue to open as usual from 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday and that we will be getting 2 more Police officers, 4 more Special Police officers, as per Sergeant Bennetts’ quote above.

For those interested in finding out more about the new local policing model, there will be a presentation by Inspector Neil Tyre at the Sutton Neighbourhood Watch AGM this Tuesday (25th June). It is being held at the Civic Offices, St. Nicholas Way, and starting at 7.00pm. This is a public meeting so if you are keen to know more about this, Neighbourhood Watch or other policing matters, please go along.