Monday, 10 June 2013

Central Road Works Update

There is so much road work going on along Central Road today that I am putting all in one long posting rather dotted across several. 

To start with, a few days ago the three way lights were removed from the St. Philips Avenue, leaving us a little breathing space and some not-quite-finished improvements to the spot where they had been. This morning at around 9am the three way lights returned for a repeat performance at Balmoral Road while they are putting in a second pedestrian crossing near where the lollipop man usually does his shift looking after the children from Cheam Common Infants & Juniors School.
One worried reader has written in to say:
“Our poor lollipop man is now taking his life in his hands trying to help us across the main road, & today the way the cars were speeding round the single-laned bend, really made me feel nervous as I walked my young son home. I really do feel this was very poor planning by the 'powers that be', & although I understand the drivers' frustration & wish to get through quickly (often being in the same position myself), I would like them to please drive more carefully through the single lane, especially at school run time.”
I hope people will take note.

However on a positive note, we are really starting to see the benefits of all these works. The tree areas are being finished off with what I can only guess is pebble dashing (I hope that's not coming into fashion again) but it does actually look good (in my humble opinion) in this setting, and the newly planted shrub areas look really good too.

Meanwhile down the hill, outside the Royal British Legion, the small clump of trees next to the clean air measuring station (the big green box thingy) has been pulled out and taken away. The gentlemen doing the work there informed me that these trees had become a little bit dangerous and were leaning and that new trees were going to be put in after the work is done there.

And finally, all the way down the road and under both bridges, resurfacing work has begun on Malden Road. They have had to start by reinforcing certain sections of the road which have apparently been dug up by utility companies by not properly concreted again afterwards. This section (on the left here) is the first of six sections that will need to be done before the resurfacing can begin. Afterwards the actual resurfacing will be done in 100 metre stretches.

Readers will be pleased to know they are confident that it will be done by 23rd of July when it is scheduled to be finished (even if they are not so pleased about hold ups and delays in the meanwhile…)

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pedant said...

"100 meter " ?

Amy H said...

They really have had their thinking caps on over that one - end them the day before the schools break up. Why not wait and do them once the schools have broken up?! It was carnage out there today!

vr said...

I wonder who gives permissions to carry out building work on this busy road all the time?! They've only finished it a couple of months ago and now started it again. Why wouldn't the utilities companies resurface the road properly straight away??? They should have been penalised for wasting taxpayers money and delays caused in the area. there's been a nightmare earlier today. it took me 35 minutes to get from Green Lane to the A3 at 7 am!!

Cat Lover said...

I hope they don't get the same Company to resurface our roads as the Company who did New Malden High Street. It's like a being on a ship driving up there !!!

Soapbox Badger said...

I doubt the council got the contractors on Central Rd to put in big underground pipe work so that future changes to fibre optics and gas piping etc could be fed through it, rather than digging up the road again...

Also, why aren't contractors made to do a decent job to a pre-agreed standard when they do need to dig the road up? I'd happily pay 2-3% more to have smoother roads...& I say that as both a driver and a cyclist (our roads are 3rd world & I'm amazed a cyclist hasn't yet been killed swerving into the path of a car whilst avoiding a pot-chasm!).

Worcester Park Blogger said...

Fixed, thanks for spotting it (I blame my spellchecker for wanting everything to be American).

PJ said...

New Malden was a debacle from start to finish; they put in those diagonal traffic-calming rumble-strips that, when wet, sent cyclists slipping about all over the place. So they dug them up and slapped tarmac back in their place, badly.

PJ said...

I think the high street is starting to take shape nicely. The fact that an attempt is being made to smarten the area up while it's still worthwhile is such a positive for WP. I don't think there has been a full year in the past 10 where there hasn't been roadworks between North Cheam and the A3 but at least this time the benefits are visible.

Plus, this time around, I don't think I've been past and not seen the guys working away; there's certainly a lot of effort going in. For once, I'm happy to put up with the disruption.

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