Thursday, 27 June 2013

Brinkley's Past

What do you know about the history of Brinkley Road? I had an email recently from someone who wants to find out more about Brinkley Road's long and glorious past. She writes:
"I am currently researching the history of Brinkley Road, specifically Brinkley Court - I have discovered that St Matthias church was built on the site in 1906 - subsequently relocated to Cheam Common Road in 1966.

It has been mentioned that there used to be a factory on the site after the relocation? Does anyone know what it produced? Also if anyone has any info for pre 1906 I would be very grateful..."
If anyone can help fill in the gaps please comment bellow as per usual. Thanks.

Of course this could also be one for the Brinkster...

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Shell said...

was also going to suggest the Brinkster!!

Also Sutton Library has an archive section, that will have some infomation including maps of the area.

I believe some of the first houses were the council ones, that start opposite what was the church. These were completed in 1925? And were orginally called Council cottages, Brinkley Road, not sure when the council cottages bit was dropped. I know number 63 was orginally 13 council cottages. Not that they look like cottages!!! Nan moved in 1925, and recalled fields at the bottom of what is now Brinkley.

My Nan married in the church in 1950, and I can recall it being used as offices/studios? of a photographic/graphic firm? Not sure what it was tbh. Didn't think it was a factory. This would've been 70/80/90's.

TBH not been in Brinkley since 2007 and I had to check where Brinkley court was LOL hadn't realised the old church was gone!!!
I defo think Sutton Library will be able to help as they have old telephone directories as well as the maps.

Rodney said...


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