Monday, 17 June 2013

Balmoral Done, Windor Begun

The shifting road works have all but vacated the Balmoral Road intersection with Central Road where they have left behind another nice pedestrian crossing and a pleasant arrangement of flora and stone. They have instead taken root in Windsor Road as of today where there is a two way traffic lights system (with signs saying it is three way lights but I'm stumped as to where the third signal is.)

No doubt they will leave behind a nice pedestrian crossing and a pleasant arrangement of flora and stone here too. In fact having seen the plans I am confident it will be nicer than what is currently there (not counting the road works).

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Local Local said...

The new parking bays and pavements may look nice but is there a safety issue with the fact that there are no kerbs?
Vehicles parking can now by choice or otherwise swing over the pavement area, and when reversing into a gap may breach the line more easily than they would have when a kerbstone was there to stop them.
I wonder also about younger children who may now more easily step into the bays without having to step off a pavement.
If we are making the high street more pedestrian friendly perhaps what is needed next is a 20mph speed limit between the North End Tavern at the top and the Midas Touch (Huntsman).

Rob said...

A 20mph speed limit down Central Road?!! We should be so lucky. 2mph is probably nearer the current maximum.

Dave said...

Which makes me wonder if part of the reason for the Brabham Court bus-stop is to allow us to bale out and walk in half the time the bus might take - not that many do, as it's un-English not to sit and fume when we can easily walk.

Quite an improvement so far, but will be interesting to see what happens at Windsor Road and Stone Place - not entirely clear on the plans.

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