Thursday, 23 May 2013

What Future For The Tavern?

The old Worcester Park Tavern may possibly become a hotel at some time in the future. The site opposite the station in Park Terrace was bought by Shahrastani Development Limited last year when the Spirit Pub Company decided to sell.
Area behind cleared of rubbish

Shahrastani Development Limited, which is based in Pinner, North West London and was formed in July 2012, around about the time the Tavern was sold, is run by Shiraz Bhogani and Nameem Bhogani who together have several hotel based concerns including Sojourn Hotels.

Skip at the front full of rubbish
Apparently, according to Shiraz Bhogani, they are ‘land banking’ at the moment and are looking at all the options and so can’t say for definite what it will be. “But we do specialise in hotels”, he said.

The Worcester Park Tavern served it’s last beer on the 14th August last year despite a concerted local campaign to keep it open.

More recently the car park has played host to a number of Irish travelers in caravans and their piles of rubbish (which has since been cleaned up although there is still a skip full in front of the pub.)

See the local Guardian report here.

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Spud said...

Wouldn't mind it becoming a hotel, would be benefical to local shops bars and restaurants, but just interested in what sort of customer traffic it would attract? Worcester Park is hardly a tourist hotspot. Perhaps some research on what some of the owners other hotels are like should shed some light...

Parkerilla said...

Why do they ALWAYS have to leave a mattress behind? Do they buy one specially to leave as a difficult to get rid of calling card?

Nick said...

I thought the same - why a hotel in Worcester Park? Then I had a quick look on the internet and found several major hotel chains in Morden, Epsom, Sutton .... None of these are tourist hotspots either but there's obviously a demand for it. I guess we're close to Wimbledon (for tennis visitors), easy access to Central London (for business travellers), Epsom races, Hampton Court etc. I suppose most guests wouldn't stay there for a holiday in Worcester Park but more as a good location for easy access to other places. I agree it would be good news for other local businesses, create a few local jobs and it would be nice if it had a bar and/or restaurant which locals could use too. Bring it on!

Green mosque or green planner said...

What with a major road full of either moving or static traffic in front, a filter road to its right and a railway at front and right, running over amplifying metal bridge, I can't see a night's sleep there being happy or healthy.

But if Sutton Council are green enough to believe in the concept of a green mosque and grant it, the streets will be so choked with extra traffic that the only way of getting there, 5 times-a-day, is if attendees park their car here and reside at the hotel!

DT said...

It's the easy access to London from a zone 3 station that is attractive, the idea is you have an all day meeting in Central London, so you drive to WP the night before, stay at the hotel, train to meeting - back to WP drive home. I would expect a nice bar (but at hotel prices), but no restaurant, plenty of those in WP.

More Squatters? said...

Is it true that there are “new” inhabitants in The Worcester? i.e. yet more squatters but actually in the premises this time.

Worcester Park Blogger said...

Yes it is true. I have been to see them and taken some footage including 'interviews'. Once I have edited this into a suitable documentary format I will be posting it here.

E jamal said...

Please get the squatters out and let the company develop something constructive like a community centre as like the church across it would fit in we'll and allow all communities of Worcester park to use the service and would guarantee quality and kind of traffic it would have as like the church it would control its bookings

So please Worcester Park get the place alive again and get the squatters out and get some decent movement on

Of The Avenue said...

Yes, sounds promising ...
So long as that traffic control you mention is real, rather than just an obviously meaningless pledge on paper, that is a completely unenforceable joke.
And so long as the purpose isn't for the benefit of just a small proportion of the community, which detrimentally affects the entire community - especially ref. parking and traffic (at this already busy and frequently traffic jammed junction).
And so long as that small proportion of the KT4 local community it serves don't subsequently turn out to be neither local, nor even from LBS... but driving to and from Merton and Kingston, with nowhere to park when they get here!
And so long as we don't find out at a public meeting that whilst the applicant claims their 'Green' flock travelled there by cycle, the cycling racks outside are completely empty!
And so long as the applicant properly submits a planning application and doesn't try operating without legal authority to do so.
And so long as the applicant accepts any rejection from Sutton Planning and doesn't pursue their intentions anyway, forcing the council to serve notice.
And so long as the applicant doesn't intend wasting the time and/or money of Sutton Council, local traders, and local residents by bombarding us with planning applications and appeals against already rejected planning applications.
Then, no doubt, if the applicant can tick all the above boxes, we'd welcome any such intentions. But until then, unwelcome squatters (whatever their chosen faith) look to be less of a problem than other, more unwelcome alternatives.

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