Thursday, 23 May 2013

What Future For The Tavern?

The old Worcester Park Tavern may possibly become a hotel at some time in the future. The site opposite the station in Park Terrace was bought by Shahrastani Development Limited last year when the Spirit Pub Company decided to sell.
Area behind cleared of rubbish

Shahrastani Development Limited, which is based in Pinner, North West London and was formed in July 2012, around about the time the Tavern was sold, is run by Shiraz Bhogani and Nameem Bhogani who together have several hotel based concerns including Sojourn Hotels.

Skip at the front full of rubbish
Apparently, according to Shiraz Bhogani, they are ‘land banking’ at the moment and are looking at all the options and so can’t say for definite what it will be. “But we do specialise in hotels”, he said.

The Worcester Park Tavern served it’s last beer on the 14th August last year despite a concerted local campaign to keep it open.

More recently the car park has played host to a number of Irish travelers in caravans and their piles of rubbish (which has since been cleaned up although there is still a skip full in front of the pub.)

See the local Guardian report here.