Friday, 24 May 2013

Today's Traffic Jam Was Brought To You By...

For those who noticed an even higher level of traffic than usual on Central Road today here is the reason: Concrete was being poured for the new pavements from a truck blocking the road just near St Philips Avenue.

When I got stuck in it, the traffic was backed up to Colborne Way and down past the railway bridge the other way. They must have been on a tight budget because they weren't even using stop and go signs to control the traffic, just hand signals like traffic police.

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Janice said...

And tomorrow's traffic jam bought to you by .... The Green Lane Mosque. Yes, it's back on the cards - planning application A2013/67455 submitted to Sutton Council. Can something that could bring even more traffic to Green Lane and Central Road and compound the parking problems really be a good idea?

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