Saturday, 11 May 2013

Success For Worcester Park Library

Worcester Park Library was one of the winners in the Participatory Budgeting event held this morning at Cheam High School.

The Friends of Worcester Park Library won £5000 towards a proposed Library Garden however the blog understands that £50,000 will be needed for the development. Apparently the Friends group have already got their eye on a grant from City Hall but this will need to be match funded so they still need to raise another £20,000 before they can apply for the matching £25,000 from Boris.

List of Winners
The Library bid was second to win and one of three Worcester Park specific bids which were successful. The other two were both bids from Sutton Nature Conservation Volunteers. One was the creation and management of a pond in the established nature area in Cuddington Park including some ecological sorting out of the area and the other was the creation of a wildflower meadow strip and hedge improvements in Buckland Way Recreation Ground including a wildlife habit adjacent to the allotments.

A total of £50,000 was up for grabs and this was allocated by local residents voting for the various bids having watched a short presentation from each bidder.

13 out of the total 15 bids were successful. Sutton filmmakers missed out on one of their two bids for series of films on Sutton and it’s history, and Church Hill, Abbots, Priory Residents association (CHAPRA) missed out on their bid for replacement trees in Church Hill Road.

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Lord Cynic said...

£50,000 for a library garden???!!! wonder the country's skint. Dig up the carpark, lay a bit of paving, some benches, some stones, nice flowers and a tree or two. I make that £1,750.
The remaining £48,250 can be spent on the thousands of trees that will be needed once "ash dieback" hits the borough.

Nichu said...

Erm, £1,750 is about 5 days labour at minimum wage. This wouldn't include any materials or equipment to dig up the car park.

The 50k was for all projects, not just the library garden.

I doubt 48k would get you "thousands of trees" either.

Lord Cynic said...

Oh yes, I meant hundreds of trees. I was wondering if anyone would spot that. £1,750 seems reasonable though. And 5 days labour at minimum wage would be a fraction of £1,750 I believe.

dt said...

5 days at 8 hours a day minimum wage would be £248, but even at the Worcester Park Library rate of £43.75 an hour it's difficult to conceive of how a small garden would cost more than a house extension.

Perhaps they are getting a 'designer' garden.

Alex said...

It's good to hear that local people with an idea and a bit of passion for their community have won some funding for a project in KT4.

Meanwhile, at the opposing end of the scale...since they are keen to share their knowledge, perhaps dt and Lord Cynic can tell all of us about the local community projects they have unselfishly contributed to?

Alex said...

Great news to hear of another member of the local community who is doing so much for it!

Being as we clearly have an unsung local hero amongst us, perhaps you'd like to tell us about these "goals beneficial to the local community this year alone" (and any previous goals in previous years: that's if the list isn't too long to take up too much of your valuable and community beneficial time).

"For our information", guessing you're not the kind of person who likes publicity or community rewards, perhaps you can simply identify which projects you invisibly played such crucial roles in reaching those goals to this community?
And which alternative local project were/are you campaigning hard for at this Participatory Budgeting Event?

Alex said...

Your (I dare say, widely anticipated) inability to identify any of your alleged "close liaisons with the local authority" or "achieved several goals beneficial to the local community this year alone" (or any year whatsoever) is noted - for its comedy value.

Given the central principle of community projects is collaboration and cooperation, the statement "I work alone" is a transparent indicator of your observable unfamiliarity with "close liaisons" and contributions to "achieving goals beneficial to the community".

Rather than an 'unsung', 'imaginary' local hero is plainly nearer your passenger status.

Lord Cynic said...

Very well said "Elmstead Commentator". After dealing with the random inquisitions of Cardinal "Alex" below, how refreshing to see a sensible and realistic view added to this discussion.

Alex said...

Rather than continue to make yourself the on-line joke, who complains bitterly of community meetings, decisions and actions, but attends no meetings, plays no part in their decisions and (behind the transparent veneer of an "invisibility cloak"), takes no active part in their own community, here's a chance to redeem yourself:

Event: North Cheam & Worcester Park Outer London Fund STAKEHOLDER MEETING
Date :Tuesday 28th May,
Time: 6pm
Place: Elmcroft Community Centre

That's the building opposite McDonalds North Cheam (since I'm guessing you've probably never been to a community centre), People who care about their community and play an active role in it (or would like to ) will be arriving to discuss and try to shape its future for the better...

Give everyone a good laugh: Do tell us why, as a stakeholder, apparently so passionate about your community, you won't be/weren't in attendance, but, as ever, passionately object to any decisions and actions that emerge from it...

Alex said...

As above, Elmstead, I'm sure members of the local community and representatives of the local council will be delighted to hear of your alternative plans to improve the community.
Given you apparently are so passionate, your long term absence from all prior meetings is as regrettable as it is inexplicable, so EVEN JUST YOUR TURNING UP WOULD BE NICE.
Event : North Cheam & Worcester Park OLF STAKEHOLDER Meeting
Date: Tuesday, 28th May
Time: 6pm
Place: Elmcroft Community Centre

ElmsteadCommentator said...

Don't make comments about my participation without facts. I have taken part in all surveys on the subject, have written to the council and taken part in the on street surveys.

Alex said...

Thanks for confirming the obvious fact that you've never attended, nor contributed to any of the regular community meetings whatsoever - and have no plans to start.

Obviously decisions will have to continue without you or your views being represented, since you can't actually be bothered to contribute. [Presumably you believe it's the council's responsibility, that you don't care enough to turn up to community meetings?]

No doubt, you'll continue to commentate on your hindsight opposition to those who CAN be bothered to do more than commentate. Those who actually contribute, support issues they feel passionate about, DO turn up and do make a difference within their community.

DT said...

Alex, just because you attend meetings doesn't make you right.

EC and LC have the right to point out to you the flaws in the plan, which are.

For £50,000 we gain a community garden,
1) We lose valuable parking spaces,

2) these include the only blue badge spaces in the area (you probably know these as 'I'm just popping in for a pack of fags spaces') and so remove the library as a facility for the disabled.

3) This garden will have to be enclosed, or it will almost certainly suffer with vandalism and/or theft.
4) The garden will only have use for part of the year, no one will use it in mid winter.
5) It will require maintenance, which budget will supply that?

Alex said...

The event itself was advertised here on the blog, not once, but twice, on Sunday 5th May "Vote For Council Cash" and on Wednesday 8th May "Choosing a Book to Weed". [If you recall, you thoughtfully wrote about "kill the idea stone dead" even before the participatory meeting took place - which is where it secured enough support to finish 2nd out of 15 projects].

All your questions were covered in some detail, during the presentation and after by the Friends representative, who was answering questions, at the Participatory Budgetary Meeting on Saturday 11th May. Again, for those who felt strongly about it, either way, but didn't turn up, how come you weren't there?

For those who knew about the event, but were insufficiently interested to attend and take part in the decision making, yet now object strongly to its outcomes, I suggest you pop in the library, where the details are shown in a presentation.

If the answers aren't immediately there, I suggest you contact the focal point, whose email address is on the board, or ask at the library desk.

At the Participatory Budgetary Event, there were a diverse range of projects seeking funding. Clearly, many of the presentations took some time to put together, by likeminded teams from of the local community, who felt strongly about their community and their environment.

I was happy to lend my voting support to four local projects - I suggest you would have found it so much more rewarding and informative, than idly writing off the chances of a project's bid- which later succeeded!

Lord Cynic said...

Thank you Alex. Didn't see your kind invitation til 1st June. I hope it was a good meeting. Spending vast amounts of cash on a library garden is not "shaping (Worcester Park's) future for the better". Rather like the path proposed to be bulldozed through Cuddington Park.

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