Monday, 20 May 2013

Night Bus To Croydon?

213 Bus in Central Road at night

Local London Assembly representative Steve O'Connell is looking into the old N213 bus route and whether it might be brought back and would like to know the thoughts of people in Worcester Park.

People may remember being able to get all the way to (or from) Croydon at night on the N213 from Worcester Park instead of the route finishing at Sutton as it does now. The section from Sutton to Croydon was cancelled by TfL in July 2009 because apparently the route was only used “lightly” but there has been a steady campaign ever since to see it reinstated.

So what are your, the good people of Worcester Park’s thoughts on this matter? Do we want to see the N213 reinstated so we can get beyond Sutton and on to Croydon in the wee small hours? Or is it just a case of, 'Meah, who wants to go to Croydon in the middle of the night anyway?'

Over to you…