Thursday, 30 May 2013

Long Queues For Few Days

Work being done
Central Road is sporting three way traffic lights at St Philips Avenue today and my guess is that it will be the case for several days. It goes without saying that the queues in Central Road, Malden Road and Cheam Common Road have varied on the scale from fairly awful to horrendous. Just after lunch the queue was nearly down to Forest Side off Malden Road and at around 6:30pm the queue of cars had extended around the Malden Junction roundabout with the A3 and further – I didn’t venture to find out how much further…

Queue down Central Road
The purpose of all this disruption is a new pedestrian crossing, presumably so more people can visit ‘More than Lofts’ after they have finished shopping at Sainsbury’s. Ok – I guess I shouldn’t be so harsh – it is all part of Boris’s investment in improvements to outer London and we should be grateful that we have even been noticed. Any improvements are going to require inconveniences like this and hopefully the finished features will more than make up for the few weeks of inconvenience. Not much fun at the time though.

The results of today's works (30th May)

Update 3rd June

With one side of the new crossing now finished, work has begun on the other side of Central Road. I don't know about you but I think the new brickwork crossing looks quite good.

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The Viking said...

Its nice to see some proper h&s at long last traffic lights no man eating a sandwich directing traffic with his other arm although a notice on the pavement side prior to road closure with dates and estimated time of inconvieniance would of been nice. I bet the curry house is relieved to see some plants at last !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Simon S said...

Excellent news, it means my kids will be able to cross at a proper crossing everyday on their walk to school!

Dave said...

There is apparently also to be a crossing opposite Balmoral Court, where the "lollipop man" works. Don't know if either is intended to be light-controlled though.

KT4 Resident said...

If it's light controlled, I guess "the lollipop man" will shortly become "the man formerly known as lollipop man"?

KT4 Resident said...

I suspect 'larger' parents will complain of the extra delay incurred, whilst driving their 'larger' kids along the half-mile school run.

Spud said...

This is such a crazy place for any crossing, its just beyond the bend in the road at the top and cars always speed through this bend. Totally dangerous. Where the new one is apparently being set up makes so much more sense.

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