Friday, 3 May 2013

Local Produce and Craft Market

Tomorrow (Saturday 4th May) will see Central Road again playing host to a street market. This time the theme is Local Produce and Craft. This is the first of four such markets run by Eco Local planned for this year in Central Road and is being supported by Sutton Council and The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

The market will run from 10am until 4pm and will offer a range of local producers, craft and community stalls. Don’t forget to look out for Blog reader Alyson’s craft stall! She will be selling numerous embroidered and stitched items like embroidered cards, aprons and personalised face cloths. You can see her website here.

EcoLocal is an organisation which develops, promotes (and helps deliver) ideas and services based on environmental sustainability. So they are keen to promote things which minimise waste, particularly with regard to food, energy and transport (I guess transport comes under energy), which all sounds very reasonable to me (being rather averse to wastefulness myself). They are based in Carshalton, so not very far away and local markets selling local products is something they are very keen on.

Why not head down and take a look?

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Dino said...

Sadly the weather let them down at the last minute. I am very supportive of such markets, and purchased this morning. It was great to see real Artisan bread from the relatively local Chalk Hill Bakery. The rest was a bit of a dissapointment - "Local" sausages from a company based in Essex!, over priced crepes. Where were the samples of the sausages, apple juice etc - when I started going to such markets over 10 years ago, the same apple juice company were encouraging people to try their juice, and this was normally followed by a sale. Where were the fruit and veg, meat, eggs and fish. Also, where was the pubicity? Finally, why not locate it in the car park in the section behind Iceland? Ok it loses a few spaces, but most of their vans were there anyway.

I think this should be supported, so that hopefully we can have a regular real market once a month in Worcester Park.

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