Monday, 6 May 2013

Laying Down On The Job

A portable loo near the corner of Pembury Avenue in Green Lane seems to have been knocked down over the long weekend. The mobile convenience, normally employed (as far as I can see) for the benefit of workers putting the finishing touches on the Green Lane flood alleviation scheme looks to have been pushed over in the last few days.
Works going on nearby

The horizontal commode, now flush with it's surroundings is ready for those wishing to lie down at their convenience.

I am therefore using this as an excuse to ask for humorous descriptions of resting restrooms. How would you describe such a sideways can?

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Notablogger said...

A toilet roll?

Lord Cynic said...

The line "You wanna try to sh*t and bounce" from the 1980s "Not the Nine O'clock News" "Bouncing Song" springs to mind.
"I like bouncing boing boing boing, up and down until I get a pain in me groin"................................Catch it on Youtube.

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