Saturday, 18 May 2013

Discourse With The Force

Local police will be holding street briefings this Thursday (23rd May) at Stone Place (Waitrose car park) and outside Christ Church with St. Philip at the corner of Ruskin Drive and Cheam Common Road. As part of the police ' BIG WING' day, local Safer Neighbourhood Team PCSO’s will be available between 1pm and 2pm in both locations to discuss local policing issues with anyone who would like to speak with them. While they are only available for an hour, it is at lunchtime so if you are around and feel like bending old Bill's ear, here’s your chance.

Alternatively you may wish to have:

  • A yabber with a uniform,
  • a blag with a bobby,
  • a cupper with a copper,
  • parley with the police,
  • some lingo with the law,
  • oration with an officer,
  • a blabber with the bizzies,
  • interlocution with Inspectors,
  • some patter with Mr Plod,
  • a prattle with the peelers,
  • a jabber with the jacks,
  • a babble with the boys in blue,
  • your say with a sergeant, 
  • or a Conversation with a Constable
Whichever one you prefer, Thursday lunchtime is your chance.

(Addition feeble descriptions in the same dismal style gratefully received)