Monday, 27 May 2013

Cuddington Path

Sutton Council are proposing to use funding from Boris Johnson to put a new gravel path through Cuddington Rec and are asking people what they think of the idea.

The proposed path, which has been asked for by a number of local park users, has been agreed in principal by the Cheam North and Worcester Park Local Committee (CNWP). For background information the CNWP is a council committee that deals with the three Council wards: Nonsuch, Stonecot and Worcester Park.

The path which will link the park access points in Sandringham Road, St Clair Drive and Sparrow Farm Road (see map), is one of several being proposed in the area to help expand the borough cycle route network, improve walking routes and help promote sustainable travel within the Borough. The blog understands that £100,000 has been allocated for the work, of which £5,000 was won at last year’s Participatory Budget Event and Boris Johnson, even keen on cycling, has enthusiasticly contributed the remaining £95,000.

Some local residents however are not pleased with the idea. One lady contacted the blog to say she was utterly horrified to hear that they wanted to put a dirty great concrete path all the way though the park. She has discussed this with many of my neighbours and those she meets in the park regularly and they were all equally horrified at the thought. She is worried that as many are elderly, they will be unlikely to start emailing the council to tell them how they feel. 

She wrote:
"I live right next to the park and spend a great deal of time in there every day. It's one of my favourite places to go as, not only can I walk my dog, but the conveniently placed tree line means that for a few moments a day, you can't see the houses on either side and can pretend that the rest of the busy urban world just doesn't exist. It's my little sanctuary of sorts!"

"I honestly see no need for this horrible path whatsoever and feel that the council are just using this money from the Mayor to make unnecessary changes rather than improvements that we have all been wanting for years. In the letter they state that the path is intended for use by walkers and cyclists all year round. Admittedly the park gets a little muddy in the winter- but such is nature! And my fellow walkers and I are all happy to don a pair of wellies when it gets muddy! As for the cyclists, I don't think I have seen a single one in the park in the last 5 years. (And I do spend a great deal of time there)"

Do you live near Cuddington Rec? How do feel about £100,000 being spent on this path? The Council consultation ends on the 10th of June so if you have a strong opinion one way or the other, now is the time to voice it.

You can email the council to give your comments on or can send comments in writing to:
London Borough of Sutton
Highways, Transport and Smarter Travel
24 Denmark Road

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Fagioli said...

Are Sutton Council serious? They have one hundred thousand pounds to improve the park and it never crossed their minds to employ a park keeper?

Tudor A said...

I don't quite see the point? Also £100,000 seems a huge waste on a path.

Why don't they use that money to go back over the bottom of the high street where they re-paved last year and get rid of the tarmac squares that workers have left after digging it up! What a waste, looks no better than before!

Dave said...

St.Clair Drive and Sandringham Road have relatively little traffic, so why the need for a cycle route inside the Rec.? More pleasant for cyclists, no doubt, but the necessary segregation from pedestrians will be a significant part of the cost. I would normally support anything that encourages people to travel by more environmentally-friendly means, but, in this case, it seems an inappropriate expenditure.

being forced to post as "Guest" as I am not prepared to accept the automatic membership of Disqus, since I have no idea of their security status.

No thanks said...

This committee need only have walked the pathway in Nonsuch Park, opposite Sparrow Farm Road, to realise that pedestrians, pushchairs and cyclists don't easily mix on a shared pathway (that's even before the mention of excitable dogs, rather fond of jumping up at moving targets).

Introducing a path on a steep hill such as Cuddington Rec will add the extra problem of inviting every irresponsible idiot with a bike, a skateboard or rollerblades, to play skittles with anyone they encounter, whilst charging downhill.

As for keen cyclists (including most of my own family), we are hardly going to divert off the relatively safe and direct minor road to go through a meandering assault course of bodies in Cuddington Rec, only to divert beck onto the same local roads that would be easier, faster and probably safer! However, as it's "agreed in principle", that means it's happening, no matter what anyone thinks!

So would this be the same committee that thought up the wonderful 'work of art' at North Cheam? [Perhaps the committee has also 'agreed in principle' that it was supposed to start falling off the building after a couple weeks? - I wonder how long this pathway will last before it similarly starts cracking up and falling apart?]

Notablogger said...

£100k for a path? I'm sure there must be many more beneficial ways of spending this huge amount of money than creating a path for the sake of it.

Cyclists should ride on the roads. Pedestrians have been using the park for years quite happily without having a gravel path carved through it.

Pointless, pointless, pointless.

Sally B said...

£100k?That would keep the local family support charity I work with going for 2 years!

STclair said...

The path is a great idea. As a regular user of the park it is inaccessible for most of the year with a pushchair as it is too muddy. Also the path will open up the very convenient shortcut at the top end between St Clair Drive and Sparrow Farm road opposite Woodstone Av. A lot of the people complaining here are NIMBYs. We had a couple of people around our house last night suggesting we should object as the path will increase burglary in the area. An idea with no basis whatsoever.

T said...

My house backs onto the park and I think the path is a good idea. The park is frequently unusable because of mud/water so buggy and wheelchair access can be limited.

Also, your contributor said: I don't think I have seen a single one [cyclist] in the park in the last 5 years
- Precisely - the park is unusable to cyclists without such a path.

I have no idea whether £100k is a realistic cost for such work having never been involved in a project like this (much like others commenting I suspect!)

St Clair Man said...

Cant believe that Worcester Park is getting any money spent on it ..... let alone 100k!
What with the cash being pumped into Central Road improvements anyone would think that we actually exist and pay our taxes!! Nice 1 Boris - glad you have noticed us, just up to the Council to get their binoculars out now.
As for a path in Cuddington, long overdue I say. I'm fed up with jogging the CO2 filled streets it will be a nice addition for all.
Kids can learn how to ride bikes away from driveways and fast moving cars. Wheelchair users and elderly scooters will be able to access all of the park instead of going round and round the ballpark!
Parents can push buggies through the park or walk off the Sunday Lunch.
As for the blogger who seeks sanctuary from urban life ... buy a house in the country this is a London Borough! :)
As for the health and safety brigade - That part of the Rec was used by big blokes to smash a cricket ball high up into the air not so long ago .... and no one even put a crash helmet over their Kevin Keegan perms to protect themselves!!! Leave it out Geezer its a Recreation Ground!

Lord Cynic said...

WHAT A WASTE OF MONEY. Cuddington Park side roads are quiet and ideal for cycling. In this green haven a man-made path would look like a carbuncle - like the highway that has just been carved through Manor Park, Old Malden. Some of us fight for conservation and preservation for the benefit of the community now and in the future, while others would see the area increasingly municipalised to use up cash that could be redirected to needy local charities.

guest said...

I think in reality it won't be used by cyclists either, why switch from quiet tarmac roads to cycle over gravel and risk punctures! Still it will be a benefit to dog walkers and others on foot and it's a good way to get money out of Boris!

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