Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Crossrail 2 Consultation

Transport for London is considering bringing Crossrail 2 down through Worcester Park to Epsom and we have an opportunity to have our say on this very important local issue.

Boris Johnson visited Wimbledon this morning (Wed 15th May) to launch the multi-billion pound plan to bring Crossrail 2 to south-west London. He said, “Crossrail is set to revolutionise travel in the capital, and with a predicted 10 million people expected to be living in London by 2031, pressing ahead with the next stage of the plan, Crossrail 2, is quite simply essential.”

There are two options being proposed. Both link Wimbledon to Alexandra Palace in North London via 10 stops including Tooting Broadway, Clapham Junction, Victoria, Tottenham Court Road and Euston St Pancras. However the Metro option will be just this route with an additional eleventh stop at Piccadilly Circus and using short DLR style trains running up to 40 trains per hours with a maximum hourly capacity of 38,500 people in either direction.

Worcester Park Station
The Regional option however will extend the line with a spur coming off Angel station running up to Cheshunt and three lines coming down from Wimbledon to Twickenham, Surbiton and Epsom. The trains used will be National Rail type trains running up to 30 per hour with a maximum hourly capacity of 45,000 people in either direction. The Epsom line will see trains coming through Worcester Park but as yet there are no proposals for the Crossrail 2 trains to stop at Worcester Park.

The consultation will be running until the 2nd of August 2013 so if you are keen to see Crossrail 2 include Worcester Park (as I am) fill in the consultation available from this page, or if you feel really confident go straight to the survey. I filled it in and it took less than a few minutes.

More information can be found at these addresses:

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Train boy said...

The regional option would be to replace the South West Trains services from Wimbledon to Epsom, Surbiton and Twickenham. So they will stop and the stations in-between (including Worcester Park) else there would be no train service left to call at them!

jane l said...

There will be no stopping service at worcester park if the regional option goes through. WhAt about the thousands of commuters who currently use worcester park?

Parkerilla said...

Sorry, have I got this right, no crossrail trains stopping at WP and no SWT trains either ?!?!. So WP station will be closed down? That's bonkers, WP may have local businesses/jobs but essentially it's a commuter town, the fast rail link to London is vital for WP's attractiveness as a place to live, otherwise we're just another North Cheam ;) Well that's the value of my house halved and I'll need to move away too, to Motspur Park probably, oh no wait, I won't be able to afford MP because house prices there will go through the roof !

Train boy said...

No, CR2 Regional will take over parts of SWT franchise, including from Wimbledon to Epsom. This means CR2 will stop at the same stations between Wimbledon and Epsom as currently happens

Train boy said...

"So they will stop AT the stations in-between".
Just as it is now, but likely to be much higher frequency and 10 coach trains.

mrpjones said...

It isn't clear to me that this is to replace SWT as I believe the Cross Rail service is intended to visit far fewer stops than current services and travel a much longer distance. Otherwise it would take forever to get to, say Angel, and would be slower than going via bus then tube from Morden.

I would assume I would still be able to take a train to Waterloo from WP, which would be SWT-operated but to travel to Victoria I would need to change at Wimbledon to join the "underground" section of CR-2. Nothing else seems to make sense.

mrpjones said...

Sign the survey; Sutton Council are backing a WP stop so that's a good start.

Dave said...

Quite so.
CR2 running to Epsom/Twickenham clearly means sharing the Slow lines from somewhere between Wimbledon and Raynes Park as far as New Malden, not taking the Slow lines over for exclusive use. The diagram suggests that CR2 services would call at certain stations only, and I agree that SWT would still run stopping services on the present-day routes.

That said, the erstwhile Thameslink 2000 has yet to come to fruition, and its services are still under discussion, so 'nobody knows' might be an appropriate description of what services might eventually materialize.

While I welcome any improvements in public transport I have doubts about the apparent assumption that usage will continue to rise inexorably.

DT said...

WPB, has only given the key points of the proposal, and remember at this stage no detail work on which stations will be used, how frequent the trains will be etc. has been done.

Remember if accepted the proposed opening date is 2030, 17 years away.

DT said...

Too true, let's hope it won't take almost 70 years to come to fruition unlike CR1 1948 - 2017.

WP Mark said...

The regional route really would be excellent news for Worcester Park and indeed many other parts of South London. I have also opposed the Metro route - it offers less capacity meaning the trains will become more crowded more quickly. It also does nothing for the south western outer London boroughs. Projects like this are a chance to join the dots on the London map and make it viable to live on one side of the capital and work in another. Having a rail service like this for Worcester Park would be fantastic for local businesses. Even if CR2 is a long way off, if the agreement is reached to do it within the next year or so this will start to change people's minds about where to set up home and where to start new business ventures. Vote to bring the regional route to WP!

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