Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Choosing A Book To Weed

In case you aren’t yet convinced to go along and vote on Saturday at the Participatory Budgeting event, here is project in the heart of Worcester Park that you might like to see:

The Friends of Worcester Park Library group is applying for funding (plus an additional GLA grant later) to turn the top section of the library car park (8 spaces) into a ‘Library Garden’. They believe a garden area would extend the community space available to the public and would effectively be like extending the library space without the cost of building new premises.

They are looking to include a Kiosk which could be leased to a small or new business and heaters and gazebos for the colder months. There would be a surrounding plant area making it a natural habitat for small wildlife, contributing to a healthier natural environment. It would also stop cars from turning directly outside the library which is currently a concern as children cannot always be seen.

There will be concern at the loss of 8 car park spaces leaving 19 in the library car park; disabled parking could be transferred to Windsor Road. The Friends of Worcester Park Library say this will not affect revenue as the car parking is free anyway, and that it would encourage more people to walk or cycle, with bike stands outside the library door.

So it is down to you. Is the Library Garden something you would like to see at Worcester Park library? Will 8 less car parking spaces encourage more people to walk or cycle, or encourage them not to come at all? Will the new area encourage more people to use the space? Do the benefits of the Library Garden plus the cost of it outweigh the loss of those car spaces? Is it worth allocating money to this or are there other things on the list you would prefer to see funded? It is up to you. These are all questions that councillors normally have to decide on our behalf but this Saturday (11th May) we all get to have our say and vote for how the money is spent.

The Participatory Budgeting event is being held at Cheam High School, Chatsworth Road, Cheam, SM3 8PW and starts at 9:30am. Entrance is from Chatsworth Road. Participants should expect to park their car off site and follow the signs and the red line on the footway to the School hall. All residents over 16 of the three Sutton wards: Worcester Park, Nonsuch and Stonecot can vote.

Turn up and vote for the Worcester Park Library Garden (or not).