Thursday, 18 April 2013

Vin Bin and Gone

(or Wine-ding Up The Shop)

The Worcester Park Blog is sorry to learn that our favorite wine shop, The Vin Bin is closing its doors in Cheam Common Road after nearly three years of good spirited service to the public. Mislav, who owns the shop with his wife Aret, explained to the blog that the lease was coming up on the shop and that when they went through the numbers they realised they were working much harder and making much less money in the shop than from their importing, wholesaling or internet branches of the business. “We haven’t had more than a few days off together in three years. We have been open seven days a week and with changing family circumstances it just isn't viable to keep the store open any more.” Mislav and Aret are also expecting their first baby which was also a large factor in deciding not to extend their lease.
How we will remember the VinBin

The VinBin doors will close for the last time this Sunday (21st April) at 5:00pm. In the meantime they are offering 30-40% discount on all stock in the shop (I took home a couple of bottles this afternoon) and they are also selling their characteristic décor (including the barrels) if you fancy one of those too.

The good news is that the VinBin is continuing as an online delivery service and they will still be running their importing and wholesaling sides of the business. In addition Mislav has promised that they will run their (in)famous wine tastings in Worcester Park out of the Cafe Medusa (adjoined to the Sheesh Mangal Turkish Restaurant) in Central Road once or twice a month. The first is planned for May – date to be confirmed (watch this space…)

Mislav says he will miss the social side of having the shop. “We have always tried to maintain a good atmosphere in here”. From one customer’s (my own) point of view, Miz and Aret have certainly succeeded at doing that.

The Blog wishes Miz, Aret and the new addition when he/she arrives every success in the future and looks forward to their first ‘popup’ wine tasting at Cafe Medusa.

VinBin will still continue to take wine orders over the internet (free deliver for six or more bottles). Their website is