Friday, 5 April 2013

Tree-mendous Trafalgar 10

Some blog readers may have noticed some new trees planted along Trafalgar Ave. The Worcester Park Blog can reveal that these are the ‘Trafalgar 10’ and are the result of another project which received funding (£2530 in this case) from last year’s participatory budgeting event. This idea was proposed by the Worcester Park Residents’ Association who wanted to improve the appearance of this entrance to Worcester Park and give a boost to the local people in this area. It was voted through by assembled local residents from the three council wards: Worcester Park, Nonsuch and Stonecot.

The trees were planted a little over a week ago and comprise of alternating Cherry trees and Maple trees – 5 of each.

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Stewart Nonsuch Mackay said...

I think these will look lovely when the cherry tree's blossom in the summer ..and again in the autumn with red maple leaves Well done residents of Worcester Park, Nonsuch and Stonecot :)

Lord Cynic said...

Strange...........Trafalgar Avenue already has a green border along the Pyl Brook. And why are the trees so close together. They could have been spaced out more to stretch them further along the road. They also need to be tied correctly to their stakes to make them resistant to future strong winds...............there is a specific technique for this. Attention needs to be given to Cheam Common Road, which looks more desolate every year, particularly after the loss of the trees outside St Matthias Church. That road is a true "entrance to Worcester Park". However, it's nice to see the Council has had a tree planting spree around the borough.

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