Monday, 8 April 2013

The Worcester Park Poetry Giveaway

Local poet Kerry Parkinson has a book out and has agreed to give two copies away to lucky Worcester Park Blog readers. Her new book, ‘Jumping In Puddles’, (available here) is Kerry’s second book of poetry and is a collection of works focusing on what life means as you turn 30. The poems, inspired by life, friendship, lost love and past experiences came together by themselves and according to Kerry, “were a reflective look back at my childhood, my teenage years, and my 20's.”

Kerry, who has been writing since she was a child, published her first book ‘Footsteps in the Snow’ in July last year after two years of writers block brought about by her Grandmother’s death and her Father’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. It was thanks though to her Father’s encouragement that she got back on track and got her début published a mere three weeks before he died.

Kerry has lived in Worcester Park for most of her adult life and says she is much happier here than in Putney where she lived for 6 months.

To win one of two copies of Kerry's latest book, be one of the first two to email the blog asking for a copy of Kerry Parkinson’s ‘Jumping In Puddles’. Remember to include your name, address and contact details. (The Worcester Park Blog's descision is final.)

From her new book here is
‘My Sweet Addiction’ by Kerry Parkinson

Hot, steamy, such an intense thrill. 
Your dark rich taste I long for. 
My eyes are fixed upon where you are. 
My hands long to hold you. 
My tongue is tingling for the moment when I get to take you into me. 
Your warmth running through the whole of my body... 
I know I can never give you up. 
My addiction. 
I will always want you more. 
Full of body, so meant for me. 
You are caramel and caffeine perfection in a cup.

Update: We have our lucky winners so no more emails please!