Sunday, 28 April 2013

Travellers Not Moving

The extended family of Irish travellers who took over the old Worcester Park Tavern car park are still there despite telling the blog they would be moving on early last week. See previous report here. (Is anyone really surprised?)

There are now six caravans there, in a new arrangement and the pile of rubbish behind the concrete barrier is growing quite large.

This time they told the blog that they now don’t know when they will be moving on. “It could be tomorrow, it could be anytime. We just don’t know.”

Apparently the reason for staying put is that it is difficult for them to find another place to go, but they eventually want to head up to Edinburgh.

My guess is they’ll go on extracting the urine until someone forces them to do otherwise.

Update Sunday 12th May (11pm ish)

I've been to have a look - Yes they have gone. There are now no caravans on the site. All that is left is a pile of rubbish larger than the one in this picture. They could have gone to Beddington Park. Thanks to 'Guest' and also the other person who contacted me.