Saturday, 13 April 2013

Station Expansion

Anyone venturing down to the other end of Worcester Park railway station recently will have noticed the new platform works going on. This is so the station can accommodate 10 car trains which Network rail and the Department for Transport want to bring in to increase train capacity.

The work which began in late March is not due to be finished until 2014 although there shouldn't be much disruption to train services during that time.

The Worcester Park Blog understands that in addition to longer platforms, there is also a new station entrance and foot bridge to be built at the other end – although I have not managed to reconfirm this yet.

For more information please see this letter to Kingston Planning Department from Network Rail, this Southwest Mainline Route Utilisation Strategy document or see this Network Rail Planning document for ‘Route C’.

Thanks to @frequentlyrare, @WorcesterPkInfo, @mrpjones and @MarstonLouis for letting me know.

Update 21st June 2013

Progress Made so far...

It would seem that real progress is being made here. The new platform sections are now looking like finished platforms. New fence and lighting is all there. They just need joining up now as far as I can see.

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B said...

It would also be useful if they ran trains with more than 4 coaches at the weekend. Commuting on a Saturday afternoon is a nightmare. Buggies and luggage everywhere. Absolutely packed by the time you reach Wimbledon.

Robert Carroll said...

Don't hold your breath waiting for 10-car trains. They won't be able to run other than in token numbers until there have been major alterations at Waterloo, and that might not happen for a few years yet, and possibly not before 2019.

Clairey said...

Step free access on the side towards Epsom would also be much welcomed, anyone know if that's planned?

Dave said...

If a new footbridge is provided it will have to comply with the DDA (unless exemption is obtained), so would have lifts as well as stairs, similar to the one at Mitcham Eastfields, for example.

Angela said...

The nice young man in the station told me it is going to be a lift and that the old footbridge will eventually be removed.

Jocypri said...

Has there been any update as to when we may see these new longer trains?

guest said...

According to Worcester Park Information ( July 2016.

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