Thursday, 4 April 2013

Squatters Part II – Victoria House

According to residents living opposite Queen Victoria House in Church Hill Road, men is suits (probably Bailiffs) arrived at 7.30 this morning and the squatters there were removed.

They seem unlikely to be the same squatters who have moved into the old Bank Chambers in Green Lane because the sheets and stuff had already gone up in Bank Chambers yesterday. - Unless of course the Vic House Squatters knew they were about to be turfed out and were in the process of ‘moving’.

Whether they now all move into the Bank Chambers together or not is anyone’s guess.

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Dave said...

I've been told that the former shops are to become a Morrisons - which would be very welcome. Confirmation, or otherwise, would be appreciated.

Dave said...

Ignore that - I should have read the other thread first!

Stewart Nonsuch Mackay said...

The sooner this eyesore is demolished the better for everybody. I know the conservative team in Nonsuch have been campaigning for years to have this particular section of Nonsuch re-vamped..Which I am sure will have dramatic positive effect on the local economy once re built.

Dave said...

I have never heard North Cheam referred to as "Nonsuch" before, and I very much
doubt any local people would call it that.
It's well outside the bounds of the Great Park and the Little Park, which are the only areas that can legitimately be called Nonsuch.
Perhaps you mean Nonsuch Ward?

Stewart Nonsuch Mackay said...

Thank you Dave I corrected my error

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