Thursday, 4 April 2013

Now Its Squatters In The Old Bank Chambers

One of the squatters trying not to be identified
Old bank Chambers at 2-4 Green Lane
First it was a proposed Mosque site, now it appears squatters have moved into the old bank chambers at 2-4 Green Lane! After someone put sheets in the front window it was obvious something was going on. A ‘squatters legal notice’ on the door leaves little doubt as to what it is.

Same one before realising there's a camera
Two people were spotted inside the building, one a man in his twenties; the other could not be seen properly. They clearly didn’t want to be identified and continuously avoided answering the question ‘Are you living here?’

legal notice
The new LASPO S144 law does not apply here as it only makes squatting in residential buildings a criminal offence. Therefore the police can’t evict them. So it is now down to the owners of the building to start legal proceedings to have them evicted by bailiffs. Unless the building has quietly changed hands, these are same people who wanted to turn it into a Mosque.